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Prepaid529 Tuition Program Permanently Closes April 30

The final enrollment period for Prepaid529 ended at midnight, with the program in its current form then permanently closing to new enrollees.Legislation unanimously passed in the Virginia General Assembly House and Senate and in March, Gov. Ralph Northam signed the proposal into law that would authorize Virginia529 to change the benefit structure for future accounts.These changes are still being finalized.There will be no changes to existing Prepaid529 contracts, and current contracts will retain the Prepaid529 benefit structure in effect at the time of purchase.Individuals who later decide they prefer the new benefit structure may transfer a Prepaid529 contract to the new program.

Vermont’s college savings plan assets surge past $400 million

Investments in Vermont’s 529 college savings plan have reached another milestone, topping 22,000 accounts and $400 million in assets, according to Vermont Student Assistance Corp., which administers the Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan.

Kentucky KESP announces changes

Effective February 25, Kentucky KESP will be renamed KY Saves 529. The plan will be managed by Ascensus, offer lower fees and a new investment lineup.

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