Fun Things to Do at Home During to the Coronavirus Crisis

We've gathered dozens of fun and productive things you can do while you are at home due to the coronavirus. This list has options for the entire family, from how to keep the kids busy at home to money moves you should make while you're at home.

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Free and Discounted Resources for College Students During the Coronavirus Outbreak

College campuses are closed, and life is chaotic for college students due to the coronavirus crisis. Fortunately, there are companies offering free or reduced resources to help college students during the coronavirus emergency.

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Safe Places to Stash Cash during a Market Downturn

If you decide to sell your investments because you’re worried about stock market losses, where should you stash your cash? Generally, selling stocks in a down market is not a good idea because it will lock in losses and cause you to miss out on the economic recovery. It may even be the best time to buy more stocks, since the stocks will be available at bargain prices. But, sometimes it is necessary to sell your stocks. Your portfolio may need rebalancing after dramatic swings in stock and bond prices. Your risk tolerance and investment goals might have changed. Or, you may just need to maintain a sense of control. You might also need a good place for saving your emergency rainy day fund.

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Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check – How Much You’ll Get and How to Use It

The coronavirus stimulus checks will be $1,200 for individuals earning under $75,000 per year. For married couples, you’ll get a check for $2,400 for adjusted gross incomes under $150,000. We explore the best ways to spend your money.

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These Companies are Hiring During the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s estimated that millions of jobs could be lost during the global coronavirus emergency. Losing your job is a painful experience, especially if you’re dealing with student loan debt. Many college students who worked on campus or who had to move back home, are now without a job. These companies are hiring right now.

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