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Learn about current student loan rates, including how your student loan rates are calculated, and how to refinance student loans.

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How to Increase Chances of Qualifying for a Student Loan Refinance

There are six steps that can improve your odds of being approved for a refinance of your private student loans, sometimes called a private consolidation loan. These include maintaining stable employment, ensuring sufficient income to repay the debt, keeping a low debt-to-income ratio, having a very good or excellent credit score, getting a creditworthy cosigner and shopping around for the best interest rates and fees.

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How to Get the Best Student Loan Refinance Interest Rate

The main goal of refinancing student loans is often to get a lower interest rate and save money. But sometimes the rates advertised aren’t necessarily what is offered. How do you get a low interest rate when refinancing student loans?

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How to Get Student Loans Without a Cosigner

Cosigning a student loan or any other type of loan is a huge financial responsibility. The cosigner is equally responsible for the student loan and it impacts their credit. If you don’t want to involve family or don’t have a credit-worthy cosigner available, all hope is not lost. It’s possible to get a student loan without a cosigner. Here is how to get a student loan without a cosigner.

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How to Get Student Loans for Community College

Heading to community college? Here's how to borrow student loans, both federal and private loans, for community college.

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