Am I Responsible for a Parent PLUS Loan or Is My Child?

A Parent Plus Loan is a federal loan that parents of undergraduate students can use to pay for college expenses. There are also Parent Plus loans for parents of graduate and professional students. You are responsible for repayment of a Parent Plus loan; not your child.

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Reasons You Could Get Denied for a Private Student Loan

If you are applying for a private student loan, there is a chance you can get denied. Here is why you may be denied for a private student loan.

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Does Being a Cosigner on a Student Loan Impact My Credit?

Students may need a parent to cosign in order to be approved for a student loan. Learn about what happens to your credit when cosigning.

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Does My Credit Score Impact My Student Loan Interest Rate?

When it comes to student loans, the impact your credit score has on your interest rates depends on the type of student loan you’re applying for – whether it is a federal student loan or private student loan.

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How to Get a Student Loan with Bad Credit

Here are some options for students and parents with poor or no credit when they want to borrow a student loan to pay for college.

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