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Sign Up for Free Student Loan Webinars

Savingforcollege.com is hosting free webinars on student loans and financial aid. We want to help you make informed decisions on borrowing student loans, pursuing student loan forgiveness and managing student loan debt.

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Review: Upromise College Savings Rewards Program

The Upromise rewards credit card and college savings program automatically sweeps rewards and rebates into the family’s linked 529 college savings plans. Upromise combines a cash back rewards credit card, rebates from an online shopping portal, dining rewards and a round up savings program.

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How to Minimize Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt can cause borrowers to delay buying a home and saving for retirement. There are many resources available out there to pay for college, including saving for college, scholarships, and attending a work college. There are many ways you can try to eliminate or at least minimize student loan debt.

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What is an UGMA or UTMA account?

UGMA and UTMA accounts allow parents to save money and invest, maintain full control until their child is an adult. UTMA stands for Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, and UGMA stands for Universal Gifts to Minors Act. Both accounts allow you to transfer financial assets to a minor without establishing a trust.

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