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01/04/19 - What Is a Student Loan Servicer?, US News & World Report

01/04/19 - Student loans getting transferred to a new servicer? Heres what you need to know,

01/02/19 - How the value of your home could affect the cost of your kids college education, MarketWatch

01/01/19 - 8 Pro Tips on Student Loan Refinancing, Student Loan Hero

12/28/18 - Frustrated by the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program? These tools can help, CNBC

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Press Releases

09/07/18 - Publishes Updated Edition of Bestselling 529 Plan Guide

06/12/18 - Appoints Mark Kantrowitz as Publisher and VP of Research

05/22/18 - Savingforcollege.Com Releases Latest College Savings Plan Rankings in Time for 529 Day

05/17/18 - Research Shows Yields Vary Widely Among Federally-Insured 529 Plan Options

04/13/18 - Mark Kantrowitz Joins in Advisory Role

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