Press Mentions

07/05/20 - Federal student loan interest rates for the upcoming school year will be lower than ever, outstripping the previous record from 2005, Business Insider

07/03/20 - New Ways to Use ‘529’ College-Savings Plans This School Year, Wall Street Journal

07/02/20 - How to hack college costs in 17 easy lessons, Newsday

07/01/20 - College students to get a break as loan rates drop to historic lows, Detroit Free Press

07/01/20 - College students to get a break as loan rates drop to historic lows, USA Today

07/01/20 - 8 ways to attend college for free,

06/30/20 - Student Loan Experts Predict How the Election Will Hit Borrowers, Student Loan Hero

06/30/20 - These 4 numbers show the dramatic racial economic inequality in the U.S., CNBC

06/30/20 - Three Ways To Take Advantage Of The July 15 Tax Deadline - Even If You’ve Already Filed Taxes,

06/30/20 - Three Ways To Take Advantage Of The July 15 Tax Deadline - Even If You’ve Already Filed Taxes,

06/29/20 - How Student Loans Work: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Student Loan Regret, Scholly

06/26/20 - Is It Too Late to Defer College for a Semester?, LifeHacker

06/26/20 - Big changes are coming to federal student loan serv,

06/26/20 - To College or Not To College, Way To Parent Magazine

06/24/20 - Have Student Loans? Financial Experts Say Now Is the Time for a Checkup, KTRH AM740 (Radio)

06/24/20 - How to pay for college,

06/23/20 - How to Control College Costs in the Age of COVID-19, Reuters


06/23/20 - The College Experience This Fall: What to Expect, U.S. News & World Report

06/19/20 - As Dems, GOP spar over student debt relief, here’s what borrowers can expect in the coming months, CNBC

06/19/20 - Experts Weigh In On Navigating 529 Plans In Uncertain Times,

06/19/20 - Tuition Insurance Rescues Lost College Deposits And Payments,

06/19/20 - Insurance Checklist For College Students And Their Parents,

06/17/20 - What credit score is needed for a student loan?,

06/17/20 - Cómo obtener más ayuda financiera universitaria durante la crisis por coronavirus, La Opinion

06/15/20 - How Having a Baby Can Change Your Finances, Optimistic Mommy

06/13/20 - Another Stimulus Bill May Be Coming This Summer: Here’s What It Could Contain,

06/12/20 - As college students look to reduce costs, the answer isn’t always clear cut, CNBC

06/12/20 - 12 Tax Deductions and Credits That Help You Pay for College, Kiplinger

06/11/20 - How the Asset Protection Allowance Affects Financial Aid, NCAN


06/11/20 - Five ways student loan benefits can drive financial well-being and organizational results, Reuters

06/10/20 - 5 Things Grandparents Should Know Before Opening a 529 College Savings Plan, AARP

06/10/20 - Treasurer Torsella Announces Top-Ten Ranking for PA 529 College and Career Savings Program, Penn Watch

06/09/20 - With Payments on Pause, Watch Your Credit Score, Wall Street Journal

06/09/20 - Delinquencies, defaults will rise for student loan borrowers if pause on payments isn’t extended, experts say, CNBC

06/09/20 - Should you attend college next fall? Before deciding, here are all the questions you should NOT be afraid to ask, MarketWatch

06/08/20 - Income share agreements: Assessing the latest big idea for fixing the U.S. student loan crisis, Yahoo Finance

06/08/20 - PA 529 College and Career Savings Program given a top 10 ranking: state Treasurer, PennLive

06/05/20 - 529 Plan Resources, Index Journal

06/05/20 - How to Get Your Money Back, Kiplinger

06/04/20 - Should you attend college next fall? Before deciding, here are all the questions you should NOT be afraid to ask, MarketWatch

06/04/20 - How to Get COVID-19 Student Loan Relief, Investopedia

06/04/20 - Where to Go to Get Help With College Debt, Wall Street Journal

06/03/20 - Looking toward fall, Connecticut colleges seek shield from COVID-19 lawsuits, The CT Mirror

06/03/20 - Student loan rates are heading for historic lows — here’s what it will mean for your payments, CNBC

06/03/20 - How do my wife and I divide college savings between our two sons — we’re questioning whether our method is fair, MarketWatch

06/03/20 - CT colleges seek shield from coronavirus lawsuits when campuses reopen, CT Post

06/02/20 - 8 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund, Kiplinger

06/01/20 - Look before you leap into a 529 plan, Journal of Accountacy

05/29/20 - Even with a $27 billion endowment, Stanford University expects layoffs will be ‘unavoidable’, CNBC

05/28/20 - Three steps to pay for college without taking on student loans, CNBC

05/28/20 - Class of 2020: Tips for success despite COVID-19 hurdles, Reno Gazette Journal

05/28/20 - Congress weighs student loan forgiveness, but there’s a partisan hurdle, The CT Mirror

05/28/20 - Commentary: The pandemic has new, current college students rethinking their plans. But beware of the gap year trap., Chicago Tribune

05/27/20 - New college graduates might not have to pay their student loans for three years, CNBC

05/27/20 - Student loan interest rates dropping to historic lows for 2020-2021 school year, ABC6 News (Columbus, OH)

05/27/20 - Use a 529 Plan to Save for College (and Save Thousands of Dollars), Medium

05/26/20 - How Much Should You Have In A 529 Plan By Age, How to Money - Investment

05/25/20 - 3 Financial Steps to Take Before Expanding Your Family, Red Tricycle

05/23/20 - Confusion over student loan debt, financial aid, Tribune Content Agency

05/23/20 - Here’s what student loan borrowers can expect in the coming months, Frederique Capital News

05/22/20 - The cost of federal student loans will drop nearly 2 percent in July, KOMO

05/22/20 - Congratulations on Your Scholarship. Now Pay Uncle Sam., Wall Street Journal

05/22/20 - Big changes could be coming for student loan borrowers, CNBC

05/22/20 - Interest Rate on Federal College Loans Is About to Hit a Record Low, New York Times

05/22/20 - College Savings Plans - Why you need a 529 plan, Billings Gazette

05/19/20 - Interest rates on federal student loans hit record lows for 2020-2021, Komo News

05/19/20 - How to Get More College Financial Aid During the Coronavirus Crisis, Consumer Reports

05/19/20 - Federal student loans will be cheaper than ever, The Union Journal

05/18/20 - J.P. Morgan to Liquidate Six ETFs: Portfolio Products, Think Advisor

05/18/20 - How Financial Aid Appeals Work During COVID-19, US News & World Report

05/18/20 - More relief could be coming for student loan borrowers, CNBC

05/18/20 - How Financial Aid Appeals Work Due to Coronavirus, WTOP

05/16/20 - HEROES Act would provide another stimulus check, broader student loan relief, CNBC

05/14/20 - How to start investing right now, CNET

05/14/20 - Let’s Celebrate Scholarships and Financial Aid Like We Celebrate College Acceptance, Education Post

05/14/20 - For some, stimulus checks haven't arrived and may not, WFMJ NBC21

05/14/20 - Podcast: Will pandemic raise costs higher for higher education?, WFMJ NBC21

05/14/20 - Everything you need to know about a second round of coronavirus stimulus checks, CNBC

05/13/20 - House Dems Propose Student Loan Forgiveness In Coronavirus Response,

05/13/20 - Federal student loans will be cheaper than ever, CNN

05/12/20 - Federal student loan rates hit record lows, CNBC

05/12/20 - Record Low Student Loan Rates Expected in the Fall, Think Advisor

05/12/20 - Federal student loan interest rates drop to historic low, MarketPlace

05/12/20 - Interest Rates for Federal Student Loans Set To Drop to Record Lows This Year, Money Magazine

05/12/20 - Federal Student Loan Interest Rates Drop 39 Percent for 2020-21,

05/12/20 - IRS says employers can allow mid-year changes to employee health plans, flex accounts, San Francisco Chronicle

05/08/20 - How to Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates for Students and Parents, Road 2 College

05/07/20 - A 529 plan helps American families save for college, but there are 4 times you might not want to use it until graduation, Business Insider

05/07/20 - 11 Secrets You Didn’t Know About 529 College Savings Plans, Capstone Wealth Partners

05/06/20 - Coronavirus Cash Crisis: How Do I Decide Which Debt To Pay First?, Newsy

05/06/20 - Relief from student loan payments during COVID-19 challenges, KOAA News5 (Southern Colorado)

05/05/20 - Coronavirus Cash Crisis: Should I Refinance My Personal Loans?, Newsy

05/05/20 - Making Sense of the New Student Loan Rules, Consumer Reports

05/04/20 - A College Dream Deferred?, Inside Higher Ed

05/04/20 - Carla Fried: The surprising good news about student debt, Kansas City Star

05/02/20 - Some States Offer Insured Versions of ‘529’ Plans, Wall Street Journal

05/01/20 - For people with private student loans, little relief amid the pandemic, CNBC

05/01/20 - Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible for relief on your private student loans, Acorns

05/01/20 - Here's What Happens to Your Student Loans If You Take a Year Off From College, Money Magazine

04/30/20 - Don’t Forget About Taxes If You’re Expecting A Refund Of College Tuition And Fees,

04/30/20 - What to know about financial aid appeals, Tribune Content Agency

04/29/20 - Coronavirus Cash Crisis: Should I Keep Paying My Student Loans?, Newsy

04/28/20 - Push for Tuition Refunds Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, NBC 4 (Los Angeles)

04/25/20 - CARES Act (Episode 5) - Video, USC Night Class

04/24/20 - If You Need Cash Now, Don’t Ignore the Tax Bill That Could Come Later, Wall Street Journal

04/23/20 - Families receiving refunds from colleges can redeposit money to 529 plans, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

04/23/20 - Incoming college students consider taking a gap year instead of school during Covid-19, CNBC

04/23/20 - Colleges Face 'Existential Threat', HughesNet

04/23/20 - Impact of Coronavirus on Paying for College (Video), The Scholarship System

04/23/20 - How to request more financial aid for college after a job loss, Mass Mutual


04/22/20 - As millions of dollars head toward colleges, officials deciding how to share it with students, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

04/22/20 - 529 Plans Are Good for More than College Tuition,

04/22/20 - Why Students Are Seeking Refunds During COVID-19, US News & World Report

04/22/20 - The Federal Government Can Help Ward Off a College Enrollment Crisis, Urban Wire

04/21/20 - College 529 savings accounts could suffer amid Covid-19, CNBC

04/21/20 - Coronavirus Cash Crisis: How Should I Set My Pandemic Budget?, Newsy

04/21/20 - Most College Students Will Not Receive Stimulus Checks,

04/21/20 - College 529 savings accounts could suffer amid Covid-19, CNBC

04/21/20 - How to Get the Best Rates Now on Mortgages and Other Loans: Coronavirus Fallout Pushes Down Borrowing Costs, Bottom Line News

04/20/20 - Kids and Money: Colleges plan refunds because campuses closed early, Tribune Content Agency

04/20/20 - College Student Aid: Another Tax-Free Benefit of the CARES Act, Think Advisor

04/17/20 - How to Navigate the Suspension of Student Loan Payments, Wall Street Journal

04/16/20 - Emergency Aid Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Tax-Free,

04/16/20 - Charging full tuition for online classes? No, say some students, despite the coronavirus, Philadelphia Inquirer

04/16/20 - How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? – Typical Coverage Amounts, Money Crashers

04/15/20 - Student loan debt relief is coming amid coronavirus — but doesn't cover all, Detroit Free Press


04/14/20 - Tax Break for Employer-Paid Student Loan Contributions in COVID Relief Bill Spurs Debate, NASFAA

04/14/20 - With Federal Funds Depleted, BC Says it Won’t Pay Students Unable to Work, The Heights (Boston College)

04/14/20 - 6 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Check Money, Kiplinger

04/14/20 - Companies Are Now Getting a Tax Break to Help Employees Pay Down Student Loans During Coronavirus, Money Magazine

04/14/20 - Important 529 Plan Reminders For 2020 And Beyond,

04/13/20 - What is a 529 college savings plan?,

04/10/20 - 5 Ways to Help Your Children Pay for College by Themselves, AARP

04/10/20 - Scholarship Success: Tips for Applying and Winning, SABEW

04/10/20 - How to Repay a Perkins Loan, Investopedia

04/09/20 - Do I still need to pay my student loans? What the CARES Act offers for COVID-19 relief, Marketplace


04/08/20 - UNH student employees: A perspective, The New Hampshire

04/08/20 - Qué debes hacer ti tienes dificultad para pagar tus cuentas, La Opinion

04/03/20 - The CARES Act’s Impact on Ithaca and Cornell, Cornell Daily Sun

04/03/20 - Student Loans and the CARES Act: Here's How Coronavirus Relief Will Actually Work, Money Magazine

04/03/20 - Everything you need to know about your student loans amid the coronavirus pandemic, CNBC

04/01/20 - Lower student loan rates could be on the horizon,

04/01/20 - Appealing Financial Aid During the Coronavirus Crisis, Road 2 College

03/31/20 - What to Do If You're Having Trouble Paying Bills, Consumer Reports

03/31/20 - Bay Area coronavirus shutdown: Am I getting a stimulus check?, San Francisco Chronicle

03/31/20 - Four parts of the coronavirus stimulus act that have flown under the radar, San Francisco Chronicle

03/31/20 - 8 Ways the Stimulus Package Helps Student Loan Borrowers, Think Advisor

03/30/20 - Opinion: How to pay for college if your kid’s 529 tanked, MarketWatch

03/30/20 - Money Moves to Make Right Now in the Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak, Kiplinger

03/29/20 - Answers To Questions About Student Loan Forgiveness,

03/28/20 - Answers to Questions about the Coronavirus and College Financial Aid,

03/28/20 - Answers to Questions about the Coronavirus and Student Loans,

03/26/20 - 6 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Check, Kiplinger's

03/26/20 - Is It Time To Change Your College Savings Strategy?,

03/26/20 - Q&A: How can the huge congressional aid package help you?, Associated Press

03/26/20 - Coronavirus Financial Aid Bill: What's in It for Consumers, Consumer Reports

03/26/20 - Coronavirus Financial Aid Bill: What's In It for Consumers, Yahoo Finance

03/25/20 - How do my wife and I divide college savings between our two sons — we’re questioning whether our method is fair, MarketWatch

03/25/20 - Federal student loan repayments can now be suspended, Top Ten Reviews

03/25/20 - Affording College Just Got...Interesting, Yahoo Lifestyle

03/25/20 - How to Manage 529 College Saving Accounts During the Coronavirus Downturn, Fatherly

03/24/20 - Appealing a Financial Aid Award During COVID-19, The College Solution

03/23/20 - With Decision Day Looming, High School Seniors Face Uncertainty In Their College Choices,

03/23/20 - Personal finance tips: How to pay the bills during the coronavirus pandemic, USA Today

03/21/20 - How To Ask For More College Financial Aid Due To The Coronavirus,

03/21/20 - How to pay the bills during the coronavirus crisis, Detroit Free Press

03/21/20 - Millions of Americans will soon run out of money. Here's how to deal with bills you can't pay.,

03/21/20 - A Guide to Setting Up Your Family’s Financial Plan, Dollar Money Club

03/21/20 - A Guide to Setting Up Your Family’s Financial Plan, Dollar Mommy Club

03/20/20 - Why Private Student Loan Borrowers Should Refinance Right Now, Money Magazine

03/19/20 - Trump student loan move amid coronavirus 'will be a boost for households' — just not in the short-term, Yahoo Finance

03/19/20 - Federal student loan rates set to hit historic lows, CNBC

03/19/20 - Student loans could be cheaper because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here's how you could benefit on existing or future loans., Business Insider

03/19/20 - Millions of Americans will soon run out of money. Here's how to deal with bills you can't pay., NBC News

03/18/20 - Plunging Rates Spell Opportunity for Student-Loan Borrowers, Wall Street Journal

03/18/20 - 4 key coronavirus crash personal finance questions answered, CNBC

03/18/20 - 10-year Treasury yield hits record low – here's how to profit, Fox Business

03/17/20 - Will Trump's Promise Really Help Borrowers?, Inside Higher Ed

03/17/20 - Coronavirus may drive more high school seniors to in-state public colleges, CNBC

03/17/20 - How SC colleges are handling student refunds after closing campuses due to the coronavirus, Post and Courier

03/16/20 - How the Coronavirus Can Disrupt Your College Financial Aid, US News & World Report

03/16/20 - College savings plans help save money for students’ higher education, Orthopedics Today

03/16/20 - Kids and Money: Lower interest rates on student loans expected, Tribune Content Agency

03/15/20 - Can The President Waive Student Loan Interest?,

03/14/20 - How the Coronavirus Has Impacted the College Admissions Process, Road 2 College

03/14/20 - Kids & Money: Fee cuts make 529 plans even better deal, Tribune Content Agency

03/12/20 - Special Section: Round-up on Market Volatility & Coronavirus, 529 Conference

03/12/20 - Kaleidoscope Raises $3 Million Series A to Match Students to Scholarships, EdSurge

03/11/20 - Biden Tanked Student Loan Debt Discharges For Finance Industry While Complaining About His Own Law School Debt, If It Matters, Above the Law

03/11/20 - If you don’t have a 529 savings plan, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know, CNBC

03/10/20 - 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Saving For Your Children’s Education, XY Planning Network

03/10/20 - Lower student loan rates could be on the horizon,

03/07/20 - How to Combine Secure Act, 529 Plan and PSLF Benefits into One Smart Strategy, Student Loan Planner

03/06/20 - As the market falls, make sure you’re not taking too much risk, CNBC

03/06/20 - 3 great ways to spend a tax refund in 2020, CU Insight

03/05/20 - The Best And Worst 529 Plans,

03/05/20 - Your 8 Most Vexing Tax Questions, Answered, New York Times

03/04/20 - How to protect your college savings as the stock market gyrates, CNBC

03/03/20 - Capturing a 529 tax break in just 24 hours, The College Solution

03/03/20 - Here's What the Fed's Emergency Interest Rate Cut Means for You, MoneyWise

02/28/20 - How To Invest Your Inheritance, Self Help Archive

02/27/20 - Got student debt? You may be able to lower your tax bill, CNBC

02/25/20 - 8 ways to give your grandkids money without sacrificing your retirement savings, Business Insider

02/23/20 - 4 reasons your tax refund won't reach your bank account, USA Today

02/23/20 - Big Win In Public Service Loan Forgiveness Lawsuit,

02/22/20 - Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Gut Student Loan Funding By $170 Billion, Courier Newsroom

02/20/20 - 4 reasons your tax refund won't reach your bank account, Detroit Free Press

02/20/20 - So You Got Financial Aid for College. But How Do You Pay for the Rest of It?, New York Times

02/19/20 - I took out $50K in student loans, but now I’m living on disability. Is my spouse responsible — and will my family have to pay off my student debt if I die?, MarketWatch

02/19/20 - What is a 529 college savings plan?,

02/19/20 - How to Choose a 529 College Savings Plan, Capstone College Partners

02/18/20 - Kids and Money: Fee cuts make 529 plans even better deal, Tribune News Service

02/17/20 - Tom Wolf’s scholarship proposal targets low- and middle-income students at Pa. state schools, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

02/12/20 - Why people with student debt are refusing to repay it, CNBC


02/12/20 - Off-campus qualified 529 "Board" expenses: only groceries, or restaurants, too?, Intuit Real Money Talk

02/12/20 - Are Student Loan Repayments Right for Your Benefits Package?, HR Certification Institute

02/11/20 - MONEY ON THE BRAIN: Saving for college with Bright Start, State Journal Register

02/11/20 - Multiple Kids? Find the Best College Savings Plan for Your Growing Family, Farm Bureau Financial Services

02/11/20 - Punxsutawney Phil has Spoken – Time to Boogie on Your Tax Strategies!, FYJ Financial

02/10/20 - 529 Strategies That Maximize Student Aid Options, SNB

02/10/20 - These graduate degrees have the worst debt-to-income ratios, Fox Business

02/10/20 - Trump looks to kill student loan forgiveness program, CNBC

02/10/20 - Need help with your child's tuition? Find out if free scholarship money is waiting!, ABC 15

02/10/20 - Trump's Budget Would Raise College Costs for Most Borrowers, Think Advisor

02/09/20 - Thinking of a College Co-op Program? Here’s What You Need to Know, Wall Street Journal

02/06/20 - Ask Suze Anything Special Episode: A Conversation with Mark Kantrowitz, Suze Orman's Women and Money

02/04/20 - Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan, College Plan Provide ‘No Meaningful Savings,’ Class Action Claims,

02/04/20 - The SECURE Act and Student Loan Repayments: The Gift of Options, The Bam Alliance

02/03/20 - How to Recession-proof Your Retirement, Knowledge @ Wharton

02/03/20 - Understanding Scholarships: Need and Merit, Investopedia

01/31/20 - How to buy a house despite student debt, CNBC

01/29/20 - Paying Student Loans With 529 Plan Funds, US News & World Report

01/28/20 - 529 Risks to Take (Or Not), Investopedia

01/27/20 - How Elizabeth Warren's student loan plan would actually work, Mic

01/27/20 - What to Add to Your College Checklist in 2020, Collegiate Parent

01/27/20 - How New Tax Changes Promote 529 Investments, Investopedia

01/27/20 - What do I do with Form 1098-T?, The College Financial Lady

01/26/20 - These international schools offer US federal student loans,

01/26/20 - Top Companies That Manage 529 Plans, Investopedia

01/24/20 - These plans aim to help struggling student loan borrowers. Here’s what can go wrong, CNBC

01/21/20 - Oh, baby! 3 steps to prepare your finances for your new arrival, CNBC

01/20/20 - The student debt squeeze: A look at 3 people’s budgets, CNBC

01/19/20 - Money Fix: New credit cards offer extra cash back to pay off student loans, Newsday

01/17/20 - 3 Ways The Government Is Making It Easier to Pay for College,

01/16/20 - Could Elizabeth Warren really wipe out $1 trillion in student loans in a single stroke?, CBS News

01/15/20 - 11 Steps to Minimize Student Loan Debt, US News & World Report

01/15/20 - 7 maneras de ahorrar dinero en 2020, La Opinion


01/13/20 - Gov. DeSantis announces price cut for Florida Prepaid plans, First Coast News

01/11/20 - How To Ace College Debt-Free,

01/10/20 - New Law Expands Uses for 529 College Savings Accounts, New York Times

01/10/20 - SECURE Act could help with college saving, Tribune Content Agency

01/08/20 - 10 Fast Money Moves for a More Prosperous 2020, Motley Fool

01/08/20 - Should We Terminate The Coverdell Education Savings Account?,

01/08/20 - The New Tax Code's Implications For 529 Plans For K-12 Schools, Private School Review

01/08/20 - What to Expect When Paying for College in 2020, US News & World Report

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01/03/20 - FJY News to Know #52: SECURE ACT PAVES THE WAY FOR A NEW AND REVISED 529 PLAN & FORM, FYJ Financial

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11/23/19 - As US college costs soar, some students find bargains overseas, CNBC

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11/22/19 - Here’s What Companies Are Doing to Tackle Student Loan Debt, Scholarship America

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