The best 529 plans: 5-Cap Ratings

The 5-Cap Ratings provide an independent and objective evaluation of direct-sold and advisor-sold 529 plans. The 5-cap ratings, updated quarterly, help consumers consider their college savings options and choose the best 529 plans. We are...

An Alternative to 529 Plan Superfunding

Superfunding a 529 plan can help jump-start a child’s college savings while sheltering a large amount of assets from the donor’s taxable estate. However, wealthy grandparents may be able to make a larger tax-free gift by using up part of their lifetime gift...

Who is a Member of the Family of a 529 Plan Beneficiary?

A 529 plan account owner may change the beneficiary at any time without tax consequences when the new beneficiary is a family member of the current beneficiary. The IRS provides a broad definition of family member, which includes the beneficiary’s blood...

Celebrate 529 College Savings Day

Many states are promoting May 29 as a day with special meaning, and are looking to boost interest and participation in their 529 savings programs with various sweepstakes, contests and incentives.

How to Open a 529 Plan

This step-by-step guide to opening a 529 college savings plan makes the process easier for parents and grandparents to save for college.

When You Should Not Change Your 529 Plan Beneficiary

529 plans offer the flexibility to change the beneficiary without tax consequences. However, in some cases changing the beneficiary is not necessary to maximize tax consequences. Here are situations when you should consider keeping your current 529 plan...

How to Choose a College

The deadline for accepting a college’s offer of admission is May 1, otherwise known as Decision Day or the National Candidate’s Reply Date. With just a few weeks before the deadline, how do you decide which college admissions offer to accept?

Is the Forgiveness of All Student Loans Feasible?

Wouldn’t it be great if student loan debt could just be wiped out? Proponents argue that student loan forgiveness would simultaneously assist debtors and stimulate the economy. Opponents contend that these figures are flawed and inflated, offering few real...

FAFSA deadlines

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application for financial aid from the federal government,state government and most colleges. The FAFSA application season officially starts on October 1. Students should file the FAFSA ASAP to...

How much is your state's 529 plan tax deduction really worth?

In addition to federal tax benefits, many states offer full or partial state tax deductions for contributions to a 529 plan. Over 30 states, including the District of Columbia have such incentives available.

Why You Should Change Your 529 Plan Beneficiary

A 529 plan beneficiary can be changed to a qualifying member of the family member of the current beneficiary at any time. This flexibility may help families avoid paying taxes and penalties on unused 529 plan funds and can be used as a strategy to avoid...

Get Aggressive about College Savings

If you think the price of college is astronomical today, wait to you hear about the cost of a college education 20 years from now. To ensure that you can afford to pay for a top college tomorrow, you need to get aggressive about college savings today.
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