Topic Brief: Borrow or save?

Quantify the benefits of saving early – and drawbacks of waiting.

Topic Brief: Estate planning

529 college savings plans offer estate planning benefits not available anywhere else.

Topic Brief: What is a 529?

Sometimes explaining exactly what a 529 plan is to a client (or friends and relatives) can be a chore. Here is abroad overview to walk-through, or offer as a takeaway.

Topic Brief: Selecting a 529

Everyone wants the "best" 529 plan. But selecting a plan can be tricky when taking into account taxes, matching grants, and other benefits. Here’s how to navigate the waters.

Topic Brief: Financial aid

Investors are increasingly asking their financial professional questions about financial aid. Here is a high-level overview of the financial aid process and points to consider.

Topic Brief: The Kiddie Tax

The Kiddie Tax is one of those pieces of the tax code that people forget about until it hits them. It can have a substantial negative impact on investors under the right circumstances.

Topic Brief: Picking a portfolio

529 plans might not offer thousands of options like a brokerage account, but the amount of choices can still be intimidating. Here are some things to consider when selecting an investment.

Topic Brief: Superfunding

529 plans have an incredible tax and estate planning benefit unique only to them. Here's how it works.

How Savings and Assets Affect Financial Aid

Use this guide to help your clients plan their savings to maximize future financial aid eligibility.

529 Plan Withdrawal Tips

A client-friendly guide for maximizing tax benefits and avoiding penalties when withdrawing from a 529.

Growing Your Practice with 529 Plans

A practical guide with tips and tools to help financial advisors leverage 529 plans in their practice.

The Family Guide to College Savings

The ultimate guide for families starting to learn about how to save for college. A great give-away to share with your clients!

College Savings Vehicles - Comparison Chart

- Use Savingforcollege.com's Comparison Chart as a handout at your college savings seminars (seek compliance approval as appropriate).

College Savings Vehicle

It's important to find the right college savings vehicle for your clients. Here are a few of the most popular options, and their benefits and drawbacks.

Presentation (Powerpoint format): Saving for College

A broad overview of how to save for college focused on using 529 savings plans, including notes for each slide. (Unbranded version also available)


First Quarter 2017 Update for Professionals

An update on the college savings landscape including news, updated metrics, and tax points to consider as year-end approaches.

What is a 529 plan?

Sometimes explaining exactly what a 529 plan is to a client (or friends and relatives) can be a chore. Here is a broad overview to walk through, or offer as a takeaway.

What is a qualified expense?

529 plan withdrawals must be spent on qualified higher education expenses in order to avoid taxes and penalties. Learn which purchases are considered qualified.

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