Tools & Calculators

Worlds Simplest College Cost Calculator

World's Simplest College Cost Calculator

The simplest way to estimate college costs.

529 Private School Tuition Savings Calculator

529 Savings Calculator for Private K-12 Tuition

Calculate how much to save in a 529 to cover the maximum allowable K-12 private school tuition costs.

Pro-529 Evaluator

PROPRO 529 Evaluator

The most comprehensive tool for comparing 529 plans head-to-head.

Financial Aid Calculator

Financial Aid Calculator

The simplest way to estimate your child's financial-aid eligibility.

State Tax 529 Calculator

PROState Tax 529 Calculator

Determine how much each state's own 529 tax benefits are worth, in both gross dollars and in annualized return equivalent.

Eligible Institutions

Find 529 Eligible Institutions

See if your college is eligible under 529 plan rules.

Procrastination Calculator

PROThe Price of Procrastination Calculator

See just how much putting off your plans to start saving for college could end up costing you.

College Savings Projector

PROFamily College Savings Road Map

Add each of your children to the report to receive a breakdown of their individual projected future costs of college and estimated savings goals, as well as a summary for your whole family.

College Funding Calculator

PROSavings & Borrowing Funding Tool

How much you can expect to pay for college if you decide to use a combination of your own savings and student loans.

Superfunding Calculator

PRO529 Superfunding Calculator

Determine the outcome - including accumulation benefits, estate tax savings, and gift-tax consequences - of making large contributions to a 529 plan under a 5-year election.

529 Savings vs Loans Calculator

529 Savings vs. Loans Calculator

How much less you will need to save to meet the cost of a college education if you start making monthly contributions to a 529 plan today instead of making monthly loan payments later.

UGMA/UTMA Calculator

PROUGMA/UTMA Conversion Calculator

Determine whether or not converting assets in your UGMA/UTMA account to a 529 plan would be beneficial in maximizing your college savings.

Compare 529 Plans

529 Plan Comparison Tool

Customize your comparison based on the factors that are important to you.

Compare College Savings Plans

529 Plan Comparison Tool V2

Compare plan features head-to-head to help you find a plan that meets your needs.

Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

This loan calculator may be used to calculate monthly loan payments, total payments, total interest paid and payment schedules for federal student loans, private student loans, parent loans, fixed-rate mortgages and other loans involving level amortization.

Loan Prepayment Calculator

Loan Prepayment Calculator

This loan prepayment calculator shows you how much you can save and how much sooner you can pay off your loan by making extra payments.