Enroll in a 529 plan

This directory of 529 college savings plans provides parents and grandparents with easy access to program materials and enrollment information for direct-sold 529 plans and ABLE accounts. This is a free service.

When choosing a 529 plan, consider the 529 plan's performance, fees, investment options and state income tax benefits.

You can invest in any 529 plan, not just your own state's 529 plans. However, you should always check out your state's 529 plans. Many states offer a state income tax deduction or tax credit on contributions to the state's 529 plans. Some states offer seed money or matching contribution benefits.

Click on the name of a 529 plan to get detailed information about the 529 plan. Click on the ENROLL NOW button to open a 529 plan account. It's that easy!

State 529 Plans