South Dakota 529 makes changes to investment lineup

South Dakota's CollegeAccess 529, managed by PA Distributors (a PIMCO affiliate), has made several changes to its investment portfolios effective January 1, 2005.

Heritage Capital Appreciation Fund has been added to the four Age-Based Portfolios and to the static, multi-fund Diversified Equity Investment Portfolio. MFS Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund has been removed from those same portfolios. Two of the static, multi-fund portfolios -- Capital Appreciation Investment Portfolio and Real Return Plus Investment Portfolio -- have been closed. Three individual-fund portfolios have been closed: MFS Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund Investment Portfolio, Oppenheimer Global Fund Investment Portfolio, and PIMCO Foreign Bond Fund Investment Portfolio. The PIMCO Real Return Fund Investment Portfolio has been added as an individual-fund portfolio. Assets have been reallocated between portfolios as necessary.
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