Illinois Bright Start 529 partners with Futuretrust Rewards

The Illinois Bright Start College Savings Program announced today the availability of the Bright Start Futuretrust MasterCard, available nationwide.

Holders of a 529-linked credit card will automatically receive a $25 contribution to their Bright Start account after the first use of their Bright Start Futuretrust MasterCard. Participating account owners will also earn a minimum of 1% every time they make a purchase with the Bright Start Futuretrust MasterCard.

In addition, members earn up to 15% in additional college savings when they shop at thousands of partners in the Futuretrust Preferred Merchant Network. For every $25 of rebates accumulated, the money will automatically be invested into a linked Bright Start 529 account. The rebates are state tax deductible for Illinois residents.
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