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Best performing 529 plans

Recommending 529 college savings plans to your clients? View the latest rankings of each 529 plan -- from top to bottom -- for one-year investment performance, three-year investment performance, five-year investment performance and ten-year investment performance.  

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What Happens When Values and Budget Don't Align During the College Search

We know about the importance of choosing a college our clients can afford – but what happens when the most affordable path doesn't align with your client’s goals?

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How to Analyze and Appeal a Client's Financial Aid Award Letter

Financial advisors who help clients decipher financial aid award letters need to understand how they work and how to appeal effectively.

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How Advisors Can Help Clients Navigate Private Scholarships

Financial advisors can guide clients through the scholarship application process by setting clear expectations and leveraging technology.

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How to Get Your Client’s Student Loan Forgiven or Paid Off

Many borrowers are turning to a financial advisor for help with managing their student loan debt. Learn how you can add value to your clients.

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Life Insurance for Planning, or Paying, for Future Educational Expenses

Life insurance is sometimes recommended as way to plan and pay for college. Learn about why a 529 plan may be a smarter alternative.

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States that Do Not Conform with Federal 529 Plan Tax Laws

Federal tax benefits of 529 plans include tax-deferred investment growth, tax-free distributions for qualified education expenses and tax-free 529 plan rollovers. However, some states do not fully conform with the federal laws regarding qualified tuition programs.

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FINRA Gives Firms Until April 1 to Self-Report 529 Plan Share Class Violations

FINRA’s new 529 Plan Share Class Initiative allows firms to self-report any issues with 529 plan share class recommendations and supervision by April 1 to avoid fines. FINRA hopes the initiative will help to remedy potential violations and return money to affected investors as quickly and effectively as possible.

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How the kiddie tax may affect your clients

The Kiddie Tax applies to income a child ear. 529 savings plans have been replacing UGMA/UTMA accounts, because savings grow tax-deferred, and can be withdrawn tax-free when to pay for qualified education expenses, avoiding the Kiddie Tax entirely.

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Top 10 reasons clients aren't saving for college - and how to respond

When asked why they aren't saving for college in a 529 plan, clients will typically give one of these 10 excuses. Here are some ways financial advisors can address their concerns and stress the importance of planning for future education costs.

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