The new plan is affiliated with the National ABLE Alliance. STABLE NH partnered with the state of Ohio.

We are pleased to inform you of a beneficial change to occur on October 25, 2023, when a new ABL (Achieving a Better Life Experience) savings account program will launch in the State of New Hampshire. In the best interest of our current and future account holders, the NH State Treasurer and the Executive Director of the Governor’s Commission of Disability have decided to discontinue the partnership with STABLE Ohio and have entered into a new agreement with a new consortium, the National ABLE Alliance. Last year, we conducted due diligence and robust research to evaluate the current ABLE savings account program national landscape and to determine if it was in the best interest of the State of NewHampshire to continue the relationship with the State of Ohio. We decided that while the current partnership has provided a tax-advantage savings plan for eligible individuals in our state, we believe the partnership with the National ABLE Alliance will be a better fit for our state and will better serve the disability community in New Hampshire, now and in years to come. This transition means that you will have the opportunity to transfer your assets to the new New Hampshire ABLE program beginning on October 25, 2023. Or you may choose to remain in the current Ohio STABLE plan. As we get closer to the launch of New Hampshire’s new program, we will disseminate more information about the ABLE savings program sponsored by the State of New Hampshire and the simple process to transfer your assets to the new plan if you choose to do so.
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