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New Hampshire's UNIQUE College Investing Plan is Fidelity-managed 529 plan follows the same approach as other Fidelity plans in Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware and Massachusetts. It features three age-based options; one using Fidelity Series actively managed funds; one using Fidelity Series index funds; and a third using a combination of the two.The plan also offers 11 static options, and one option that invests in an interest-bearing deposit account.

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Investors in UNIQUE College Investing Plan can select from the following investment options. Click on a portfolio name for more information.

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Child age

Max Expense Ratio:2.5%

Age Based Investment Options

Sometimes referred to as the enrollment-based option, this is an investment approach where your asset allocation is programmed to change over time. Accounts for young beneficiaries are invested aggressively and accounts for beneficiaries with college right around the corner are invested much more conservatively. In some 529 plans, the age-based option operates by automatically transferring your investment from one static portfolio to another at certain points in time. Others utilize lifecycle funds or employ lifecycle-type tactics within the portfolio containing your investment so that it is not necessary to transfer your investment between portfolios.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20210.41%18.81%12.21%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20240.45%32.66%19.92%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20270.49%45.7%27.54%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20300.52%58.99%35.61%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20330.56%72.3%44.19%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20360.58%85.62%53.17%N/A
Fidelity Blend: College Portfolio0.4%15.34%9.9%N/A
Fidelity Blend: Portfolio 20390.6%94.81%59.09%N/A
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20390.97%94.81%60.97%N/A
NH Portfolio 2039 Fidelity Index0.14%94.94%53.95%N/A
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20240.72%32.63%21.54%106 of 120
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20210.65%18.78%13.38%52 of 120
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20300.83%58.95%37.54%86 of 92
Fidelity Funds: NH College Portfolio0.63%15.28%11%113 of 122
NH Portfolio 2024 Fidelity Index0.14%32.16%16.9%45 of 120
NH Portfolio 2021 Fidelity Index0.14%18.39%9.91%4 of 120
NH Portfolio 2030 Fidelity Index0.14%58.44%31.52%36 of 92
NH College Portfolio Fidelity Index0.14%14.87%7.7%80 of 122
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20270.78%45.66%29.18%60 of 92
NH Portfolio 2027 Fidelity Index0.14%45.14%24%3 of 92
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20330.87%72.23%46.04%30 of 35
NH Portfolio 2033 Fidelity Index0.14%71.78%39.31%5 of 35
NH Portfolio 2036 Fidelity Index0.14%85.23%47.77%7 of 55
Fidelity Funds: NH Portfolio 20360.92%85.58%54.87%40 of 55

Static Investment Options

This refers to an investment option that is not programmed to change over time. The individual fund portfolio and multi-fund portfolio described below are static options. So are many portfolios that do not use mutual funds, such as stable-value options, guaranteed options, CD options, etc.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
Fidelity Funds: Aggressive Growth0.99%98.68%65.1%163 of 235
Fidelity Funds: Moderate Growth0.87%69.35%44.48%39 of 50
Fidelity Funds: Conservative0.5%0.5%2.96%33 of 70
Fidelity Index Fund: Aggressive Growth0.13%100%58.2%108 of 235
Fidelity Index Fund: Moderate Growth0.13%69.86%38.03%12 of 50
Fidelity Index Fund: Conservative0.13%0%0.35%18 of 70

Individual Investment Options

Sometimes called a single-fund option, this is a portfolio invested in a single mutual fund. Often the name of the 529 portfolio is very similar to the name of the underlying mutual fund. A large number of broker-sold 529s offer an extensive line-up of individual fund options, while a smaller number of direct-sold 529s offer them.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
NH Money Market0.58%0%N/A56 of 68
NH Inter Treas Index0.12%0%-4.31%7 of 70
NH International Index0.15%100%49.82%207 of 235
NH Fidelity 500 Index0.11%100%56.17%17 of 235
NH Ttl Mkt Index0.11%100%62.51%55 of 235
NH Bank Deposit Portfolio0.5%0%0.1%62 of 68

Use the form below to filter through the investment options in this plan

Child age

Max Expense Ratio:2.5%