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Florida 529 Savings Plan

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The Florida 529 Savings Plan is administered by the Florida Prepaid College Board. In September 2019 the Board enhanced the plan with expanded investment options, reduced fees, and additional investment managers. In 2022 the Board converted the age-based option to enrollment year funds that automatically reallocate quarterly within each fund. As a result, the plan currently offers 20 enrollment year options (each year represents an estimated time for when the funds will be needed), six static options (predesigned based on investment goals such as growth or income), and 15 individual funds (for more sophisticated investors who want to do it themselves).

Fee Score

5 / 5


3 / 5
  • Program type
  • Inception
  • State agency
    Florida Prepaid College Board
  • Tax deduction
  • Program Manager
    Florida Prepaid College Board
  • Program distributor
    Not applicable

Investment Options

Investors in Florida 529 Savings Plan can select from the following investment options. Click on a portfolio name for more information.

Age Based Investment Optionsaccordion open icon

Sometimes referred to as the enrollment-based option, this is an investment approach where your asset allocation is programmed to change over time. Accounts for young beneficiaries are invested aggressively and accounts for beneficiaries with college right around the corner are invested much more conservatively. In some 529 plans, the age-based option operates by automatically transferring your investment from one static portfolio to another at certain points in time. Others utilize lifecycle funds or employ lifecycle-type tactics within the portfolio containing your investment so that it is not necessary to transfer your investment between portfolios.

PortfolioE.R.% Equity1YR Performance
2041 Portfolio0.09%85%18.93%
2040 Portfolio0.09%85%18.92%
2039 Portfolio0.09%85%18.92%
2038 Portfolio0.09%84.63%18.92%
2037 Portfolio0.08%77.5%18.77%
2036 Portfolio0.08%71.5%17.07%
2035 Portfolio0.08%65.5%15.72%
2034 Portfolio0.07%59.75%14.43%
2033 Portfolio0.07%54.5%13.19%
2032 Portfolio0.06%48.5%11.91%
2031 Portfolio0.06%42.5%10.7%
2030 Portfolio0.06%36.5%9.52%
2029 Portfolio0.06%30.5%8.2%
2028 Portfolio0.05%24.25%7.11%
2027 Portfolio0.05%17.75%5.91%
2026 Portfolio0.06%13%4.97%
2025 Portfolio0.08%10%4.29%
2024 Portfolio0.09%10%4.09%
Enrolled Portfolio0.09%10%4.25%
2042 Portfolio0.09%85%N/A
Static Investment Optionsaccordion close icon
Individual Investment Optionsaccordion close icon
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