Florida 529 College Savings Plans

Florida offers a prepaid tuition plan and a 529 savings plan, both which have Florida residency requirements. The Stanley G. Tate Florida Prepaid College Plan is the largest prepaid plan in the nation. It is unique among contract-type prepaid programs in offering a dormitory option in addition to its various tuition and fees packages. The Florida 529 Savings Plan is a board-managed 529 college savings program that hires outside investment managers to separately manage the program’s portfolios.

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Florida 529 Tax Benefit

Consumer Plans

The largest and longest running prepaid tuition program in the country, the Stanley G. Tate Florida Prepaid College Program has helped over one million Florida families save for college and lock in the future cost of attending Florida's public institutions. The value of the plan can be used at any qualified institution nationwide....

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The Florida 529 Savings Plan is administered by the Florida Prepaid College Board. In September 2019 the Board enhanced the plan with expanded investment options, reduced fees, and additional investment managers. In 2022 the Board converted the age-based option to enrollment year funds that automatically reallocate quarterly within each fund. As a result, the plan currently offers 20 enrollment year options (each year represents an estimated time for when the funds will be needed), six static options (predesigned based on investment goals such as growth or income), and 15 individual funds (for more sophisticated investors who want to do it themselves)....


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ABLE plans

ABLE Accounts encourage individuals with a disability and their families to save private funds to support health, independence, and quality of life. In July 2015, the State of Florida created Florida ABLE, Inc. (d/b/a ABLE United) a registered not-for-profit and direct support organization of the Florida Prepaid College Board to administer the ABLE United Program....