AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan - Bank Plan

College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank offered two FDIC-insured options as part of the AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan: (1) fixed-rate CDs with one-year, two-year or three-year maturities; and (2) the CollegeSure Honors Savings Account, a high-yield savings account. The plan ceased offering InvestorSure CDs and CollegeSure CDs to investors as of August 2, 2016 and October 21, 2016. InvestorSure CDs and CollegeSure CDs issued prior to those dates continue to be managed and serviced by College Savings Bank until their maturity dates. Effective Nov. 1, 2021, College Saving Bank will no longer be accepting new accounts or the purchase of new products for the AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan. Additionally, no deposits to existing accounts will be accepted after Feb. 1, 2022. Any College Savings Bank CD accounts will be serviced through their full maturity, regardless of the change. All Honors Savings Accounts will continue to be serviced through College Savings Bank until at least November 30, 2022, when they will be transitioned to Fidelity Investments.

FDIC-Insured or Stable Value Planx
  • Program type
  • Inception
  • State agency
    Arizona State Board of Investment
  • Tax deduction
  • Program Manager
    College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank
  • Program distributor
    College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank


State residency requirements:

Who can be a participant/owner in the program?

Significant time or age restrictions imposed by the program:

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Taxes and other Benefits

  • Tax deduction for single filers
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Married filing jointly residents contributing $100/month can expect an additional $0 a year in tax savings.

Program match on contributions:

State tax deduction or credit for contributions:

State definition of qualified expenses

State tax treatment of qualified distributions:

State tax treatment of rollovers:

Does the sponsoring state exclude the value of an account for state financial aid purposes?

Does participation in the program provide beneficiaries with any advantages in qualifying for resident tuition status at state institutions?

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Statutory protection of an account from creditors:

Distributions & Terminations

To whom are distributions made payable:

Account Changes

Policy regarding participant/owner changes:

Documents, Access & Reporting

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Can the complete enrollment process including funding be done online?

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A good place to start:
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See the best 529 plans, personalized for you
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