Don't save for retirement: When to ignore traditional college savings advice

As college costs continue to rise, it might be smart to divert some of your retirement savings dollars into a college savings plan. Without savings, middle-class families have few options besides taking out large student loans. Learn how you can put away money for college and without compromising your retirement.

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Top 10 financial mistakes millennial parents make

Millennials carry a heavy student debt burden, worsened by the effects of a tough job market. And now they're having babies. Here are the top mistakes that will prevent these young parents from meeting financial goals.

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How to pay off student loan debt while saving for the future

Over 40 million Americans have student loan debt. Is it possible to build savings while paying down your loans? Guest blogger Robert Farrington, Founder of The College Investor, tells us how.

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College Savings April Foolery

Don't be tricked this April Fools Day! Make sure you do your research so that you know exactly what the best strategy is to help you meet your college savings goals.

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5 ways to judge your 529 plan's performance

You expect excellent investment results from your 529 plan, but how do you really know? Here are five approaches to help you judge your 529 plan's investment performance.

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