Study shows 2/3 of families consider price when selecting a college

The 2016 "How America Pays for College" report reveals that for many students and families, the choice of college is largely influenced by tuition and other costs.

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6 things to consider if your child is going to college overseas

Cost shouldn't be the only factor to consider if your child wants to attend college overseas.

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Don't Let These Myths Muddle College Savings

See the results of Fidelity recently College Savings Indicator Study.

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#TBT College savings: Then and Now

For the past nine years, Fidelitys College Savings Indicator Study has revealed just how much American families are putting away for college. Read more.

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College savings success stories: Family of seven

This week, author Katie Flynn will be telling her own college savings success story. She explains how her parents got Katie and her four siblings through college successfully - an incredible feat!

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College savings success stories: Our own success

We thought you might be interested in how saving for college worked for our own families. This weeks success story comes from our very own Chief Operating Officer, Marie Osypian.

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Parents Reveal Top College Savings Strategies

Fidelity recently surveyed parents across the country to find out what college savings goals families have set for this year and how they intend to stick to them.

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