Celebrate National 529 Day

May 29, 2021 is National 529 Day. States are hosting sweepstakes, contests and incentives to promote college savings. Check out our list.

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How to Refinance a Parent PLUS Loan

Learn how to refinance a Parent PLUS Loan to potentially lower your payments or transfer your Parent PLUS Loan to your child.

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What Does My FAFSA EFC Number Mean?

The FAFSA will determine your expected family contribution (EFC), which is subtracted from the cost of attendance to calculate eligibility for federal aid.

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Changes May Be Coming for Selective Service and Financial Aid

To be eligible for federal financial aid, men are required to register for selective service. Learn about what to do if you are already over 26.

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The Complete Guide to Applying for Student Loans

This guide explains how to apply for and get a student loan, and what you need to know about how federal and private student loans work.

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