Elizabeth Warren Plans to Eliminate Student Loan Debt Day One

Presidential contender Senator Elizabeth Warren says she will begin to eliminate student loan debt immediately upon taking office, without approval from Congress.

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Night of the Living Debt: Five Real Life Student Loan Horror Stories

With Halloween beckoning, the old adage that things can go “bump in the night” takes on added meaning. That especially goes for Americans getting aggressively bumped by burdensome student loan debt.

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Interest Rates on Federal Student Loans Drop for 2019-2020

Interest rates on federal student loans decrease by a bit more than half a percentage point for new loans made on or after July 1, 2019. The new interest rates are 4.529% for Federal Stafford loans for undergraduate students, 6.079% for Federal Stafford loans for graduate students and 7.079% for Federal PLUS loans.

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Is the Forgiveness of All Student Loans Feasible?

Wouldn’t it be great if student loan debt could just be wiped out? Proponents argue that student loan forgiveness would simultaneously assist debtors and stimulate the economy. Opponents contend that these figures are flawed and inflated, offering little real public policy benefits. Increasing Federal Pell Grant funding would do more to increase college access and success, reducing student debt long-term.

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College Savings Horror Stories

Saving and paying for college involves some scary statistics. A 4-year college education could cost as much as $500,000 when today’s newborn children are ready to enroll. But, even if you think you’ve got the costs covered, you may make a mistake that ruins your child’s future.

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