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The Education Plan's College Savings Program

The Education Plan College Savings Program is managed by OppenheimerFunds and features age-based and static portfolio options, some of which are a blend of active-managed funds and index funds, and others are entirely composed of index funds.

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  • Program typeSavings
  • Inception2000
  • State agency
    Education Trust Board of New Mexico
  • Tax deduction
  • Program Manager
    OFI Private Investments, Inc., a subsidiary of OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
  • Program distributor
    OppenheimerFunds Distributor, Inc.

Investors in The Education Plan's College Savings Program can select from the following investment options. Click on a portfolio name for more information.

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Child age

Max Expense Ratio:2.5%

Age Based Investment Options

Sometimes referred to as the enrollment-based option, this is an investment approach where your asset allocation is programmed to change over time. Accounts for young beneficiaries are invested aggressively and accounts for beneficiaries with college right around the corner are invested much more conservatively. In some 529 plans, the age-based option operates by automatically transferring your investment from one static portfolio to another at certain points in time. Others utilize lifecycle funds or employ lifecycle-type tactics within the portfolio containing your investment so that it is not necessary to transfer your investment between portfolios.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
Age Based Portfolio 500.4%50%4.23%N/A
Age Based Portfolio 300.4%30%4.44%N/A
Age Based Portfolio 500.41%50%N/AN/A
Age Based Portfolio 700.45%70%2.75%N/A
Age Based Portfolio 900.46%90%1.76%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 50.16%6%5.56%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 300.16%30%5.42%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 500.16%50%5.3%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 700.15%70%3.81%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 900.16%90%2.82%N/A
Blended Balanced Age-Based (Ages 0-2) (Age Based 70)0.45%70%2.75%N/A
Blended Balanced Age-Based (Ages 3-4) (Age Based 60)0.44%60%3.55%40 of 72
Blended Balanced Age-Based (Ages 5-6) (Age Based 50)0.4%50%4.23%N/A
Blended Balanced Age-Based (Ages 7-8) (Age Based 40)0.42%40%4.4%31 of 70
Blended Balanced Age-Based (Ages 9-10) (Age Based 300.4%30%4.44%N/A
Blended Balanced Age-Based (11-12) (Age Based 20)0.38%20%5%30 of 78
Blended Balanced Age-Based (13-14) (Age Based 10)0.37%10%5.17%14 of 78
Blended Balanced Age-Based (15-16) (Age Based 5)0.36%6%4.85%N/A
Blended Balanced Age-Based (17+) (Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio)0.37%0%4.38%42 of 80
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 0-2) (Age Based 100)0.5%100%1.13%50 of 55
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 3-4) (Age Based 90)0.46%90%1.76%N/A
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 5-6) (Age Based 80)0.47%80%2.16%48 of 53
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 7-8) (Age Based 70)0.45%70%2.75%N/A
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 9-10) (Age Based 60)0.44%60%3.55%73 of 92
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 11-12) (Age Based 50)0.4%50%4.23%N/A
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 13-14) (Age Based 40)0.42%40%4.4%65 of 120
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 15-16) (Age Based 30)0.4%30%4.44%N/A
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 17-18) (Age Based 20)0.38%20%5%93 of 122
Blended Growth Age-Based (Ages 19+) (Age Based 10)0.37%10%5.17%24 of 122
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 0-2) (Index Age-Based 100)0.16%100%2.1%18 of 55
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 3-4) (Index Age-Based 90)0.16%90%2.82%N/A
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 5-6) (Index Age-Based 80)0.15%80%3.45%12 of 53
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 7-8) (Index Age-Based 70)0.15%70%3.81%N/A
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 9-10) (Index Age-Based 60)0.15%60%4.73%17 of 92
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 11-12) (Index Age-Based 50)0.16%50%5.3%N/A
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 13-14) (Index Age-Based 40)0.16%40%5.33%14 of 120
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 15-16) (Index Age-Based 30)0.16%30%5.42%N/A
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 17-18) (Index Age-Based 20)0.16%20%5.66%51 of 122
Index Growth Age-Based (Ages 19+) (Index Age-Based 10)0.16%10%5.72%8 of 122
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 0-2) (Index Age-Based 70)0.15%70%3.81%N/A
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 3-4) (Index Age-Based 60)0.15%60%4.73%12 of 72
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 5-6) (Index Age-Based 50)0.16%50%5.3%N/A
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 7-8) (Index Age-Based 40)0.16%40%5.33%11 of 70
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 9-10) (Index Age-Based 30)0.16%30%5.42%N/A
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 11-12) (Index Age-Based 20)0.16%20%5.66%22 of 78
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 13-14) (Index Age-Based 10)0.16%10%5.72%10 of 78
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 15-16) (Index Age-Based 5)0.16%6%5.56%N/A
Index Balanced Age-Based (Ages 17+) (Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio)0.16%0%4.84%37 of 80
Age Based Portfolio 50.36%6%4.85%N/A
Index Age Based Portfolio 1000.16%100%2.1%19 of 55
Age Based Portfolio 800.47%80%2.16%49 of 53
Age Based Portfolio 600.44%60%3.55%74 of 92
Age Based Portfolio 400.42%40%4.4%67 of 120
Age Based Portfolio 200.38%20%5%96 of 122
Age Based Portfolio 100.37%10%5.17%25 of 122
Age Based Portfolio 1000.5%100%1.13%51 of 55
Index Age Based Portfolio 400.16%40%5.33%12 of 70
Index Age Based Portfolio 600.15%60%4.73%21 of 92
Index Age Based Portfolio 800.15%80%3.45%41 of 46
Index Age Based Portfolio 100.16%10%5.72%9 of 122
Index Age Based Portfolio 200.16%20%5.66%52 of 122
Age Based Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio0.37%0%4.38%43 of 80
Index Age Based Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio0.16%0%4.84%40 of 80

Static Investment Options

This refers to an investment option that is not programmed to change over time. The individual fund portfolio and multi-fund portfolio described below are static options. So are many portfolios that do not use mutual funds, such as stable-value options, guaranteed options, CD options, etc.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
Custom Choice Portfolio 50.36%6%4.52%N/A
Custom Choice Portfolio 300.4%30%4.05%N/A
Custom Choice Portfolio 500.4%50%4.41%N/A
Custom Choice Portfolio 700.45%70%3.63%N/A
Custom Choice Portfolio 900.46%90%1.64%N/A
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 50.16%6%5.46%N/A
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 300.16%30%5.31%N/A
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 500.16%50%5.26%N/A
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 700.15%70%3.88%N/A
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 900.16%90%3.09%N/A
Custom Choice Portfolio 100 (formerly Aggressive Portfolio)0.5%100%0.66%171 of 235
Custom Choice Portfolio 80 (formerly Moderately Aggressive Portfolio)0.47%81%2.03%116 of 235
Custom Choice Portfolio 60 (formerly Moderate Portfolio)0.44%60%3.63%49 of 52
Custom Choice Portfolio 40 (formerly Conservative Portfolio)0.42%40%4.33%36 of 39
Custom Choice Portfolio 20 (formerly Ultra Conservative Portfolio)0.38%21%5.01%3 of 39
Custom Choice Portfolio 10 (formerly School Years Portfolio)0.37%10%5.15%48 of 70
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 100 (formerly Aggressive Index Portfolio)0.16%100%2.01%115 of 235
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 40 (formerly Conservative Index Portfolio)0.16%40%5.35%22 of 39
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 60 (formerly Moderate Index Portfolio)0.15%60%4.8%23 of 52
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 80 (formerly Moderately Aggressive Index Portfolio)0.15%80%3.39%25 of 50
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 10 (formerly School Years Index Portfolio)0.16%10%5.74%44 of 70
Custom Choice Index Portfolio 20 (formerly Ultra Conservative Index Portfolio)0.16%20%5.58%56 of 70
Custom Choice Fixed Income Portfolio0.32%0%5.59%23 of 70
Custom Choice Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio0.37%0%4.37%14 of 70
Custom Choice Index Fixed Income Portfolio0.16%0%5.84%22 of 70
Custom Choice Index Low Duration Fixed Income Portfolio0.16%0%5%12 of 70

Individual Investment Options

Sometimes called a single-fund option, this is a portfolio invested in a single mutual fund. Often the name of the 529 portfolio is very similar to the name of the underlying mutual fund. A large number of broker-sold 529s offer an extensive line-up of individual fund options, while a smaller number of direct-sold 529s offer them.

PortfolioE.R.x% Equity1YR PerformanceRank
Custom Choice Short Term Yield Portfolio0.26%0%2.19%34 of 68

Use the form below to filter through the investment options in this plan

Child age

Max Expense Ratio:2.5%