The NH ABLE Plan

The NH ABLE Plan is to help individuals with disabilities save and invest money without jeopardizing their eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs. It offers tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be used to pay for qualified disability expenses. The plan allows individuals to save and invest funds over time, with earnings on investments accumulating tax-free. The NH ABLE Plan aims to provide individuals with disabilities greater financial independence and flexibility in managing their expenses while maintaining their eligibility for important government assistance programs.

  • Program type
    ABLE Savings plan
  • Investment Manager
    BlackRock, Sallie Mae, Schwab, and Vanguard provide the Underlying Investments in the Target Risk Options. Fifth Third Bank provides the checking account product in the Checking Account Option.
  • Inception
  • State agency
    New Hampshire State Treasurer and the New Hampshire Executive Director of the Governor's Commission on Disability
  • Program Manager
    Ascensus College Savings Recordkeeping Services LLC


State residency requirements:

Who can be a participant/owner in the program?

Program restrictions:

Did you know?

  • The plan can be used to pay for qualified disability expenses.

    This can include education, job training and support, healthcare and financial management.

  • Savings in an ABLE account will not impact eligibility to receive government benefits.

    The first $100,000 is exempt from the Supplemental Security Income limit, and beneficiaries will continue to receive Medicaid regardless of account size.

  • Residents are not limited to investing in their own state’s ABLE plan.

    Another state may offer a plan with better suited investment options, lower fees or preferred features.

  • Visit this plan’s website to learn more


Maximum contributions:

Minimum contributions:

Investment Options

Target-Risk Options:

Bank Money Market Investment / Checking Option:

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Fees & Expenses

Enrollment or application fee:

Account maintenance fee:

Program management fees:

Expenses of the underlying investments:

Total asset-based expense ratio:

Fees or restrictions on the number of disbursements

Taxes and other Benefits

Program match on contributions:

State tax deduction or credit for contributions:

State tax recapture provisions:

State tax treatment of qualified distributions:

State tax treatment of rollovers:

Medicaid eligibility

Medicaid recapture provisions

Is there a debit card/ purchasing card available, and if so, at what cost?

Statutory protection of an account from creditors:

Distributions & Terminations

To whom are distributions made payable:

Account Changes

Policy regarding participant/owner changes:

Documents, Access & Reporting

Does participant have online password-protected access to account?

Can the complete enrollment process including funding be done online?





A good place to start:
A good place to start:
See the best 529 plans, personalized for you
See the best 529 plans, personalized for you
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