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What grandparents need to know about the new FAFSA rules
Learn how recent changes to the FAFSA could make it easier for some grandparents to help pay for college without impacting the student's financial aid eligibility.
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5 year end tax tips for college savers
Parents and grandparents who use 529 plans to save for college are eligible for a number of tax benefits. This checklist will help you maximize your savings in 2016.
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Eight reasons why grandparents love 529 plans
If youre a grandparent there are a variety of different ways you can help pay for college. Here are eight reasons why we think saving with a 529 plan could be your best bet.
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529 Day Webcast Recap
Did you miss our 529 Day live Q&A webinar? Here's a recap of all the great college savings topics that were covered.
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Ask an expert: How do grandparent-owned 529 plans affect financial aid eligibility?
Matthew Toner of responds to the frequently asked-about topic of grandparent-owned 529 accounts and their effect on financial aid eligibility.
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College: The Ultimate Gift Idea This Holiday Season
Grandparents Can Help Fill the College Savings Void
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Avoiding the financial-aid trap with grandparent 529s
Here are several strategies grandparents with 529 plans can utilize in order to contribute to their grandchildren's college fund without negatively impacting their financial aid eligibility.
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A top college savings resource for grandparents
There are a number of different ways for grandparents to help save for college, yet for many the process can seem overwhelming. Here's an overview of the college savings resources we have available to help grandparents ensure their grandchildren have the best chance for success.
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For many college hopefuls, grandparents coming to the rescue
Parents strategizing to cover the cost of college may not have to look very far for an additional helping hand. One group of advocates is stepping up to help save for college and providing significant support: grandparents.
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Annual College Savings Survey results: All that you can leave behind
As college costs in America rise faster than the rate of inflation and total student loan debt surpasses $1 trillion, more relatives are exploring the idea of helping pay tuition for grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
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The Bank of Grandma and Grandpa - New video featuring our very own Joe Hurley!
In the following video Joseph Hurley, Founder of, explains the different ways Grandparents can assist with paying for tuition, taking issues like financial aid and taxes into consideration.
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Which way?

Grandparents' 8 top college-fund plans
What is the best way for grandparents to fund college? Here are some of the options along with their major advantages and disadvantages.
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Pros and cons of 529s for grandparents
Here are the essential reasons why grandparents should consider using 529 plans, along with a few cautions.
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