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Five things to know about 529s and financial aid
To help clear up any confusion, here are a few things to remember about how 529 plans are treated under the federal aid formula.
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4 tips to make the most of scholarships
The same vigilance that was used to earn a scholarship is critical if you're going to use the money properly. Here are four tips for helping students get the most out of their reward.
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How much financial aid will you get? Use this tool to get an idea
One thing every student should absolutely do when applying to college is to apply for federal financial aid. Fortunately, we have an easy tool to help you estimate how much aid might be available.
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6 ways to help your clients maximize financial aid
How can I make sure that my client get the most financial aid possible?
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I won't qualify for financial aid, but I still need help paying for college
What can you do if you make too much for financial aid, but not enough to pay for college out of pocket?
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529 Day Webcast Recap
Did you miss our 529 Day live Q&A webinar? Here's a recap of all the great college savings topics that were covered.
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Ask an expert: How do grandparent-owned 529 plans affect financial aid eligibility?
Matthew Toner of responds to the frequently asked-about topic of grandparent-owned 529 accounts and their effect on financial aid eligibility.
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Understanding your student loans and how to repay them
With so many loan repayment options out there it’s important for borrowers to explore all of their repayment options and make sure they find the plan that best fits their needs and their budget. NerdScholar's Alexandra Rice shares some tips.
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Financial Aid - Five crucial tips
There are many sources of financial aid available, learn more about them.
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Despite rising tuition prices, more students are just saying "No" to loans
Last week, the College Board released its annual "Trends in College Pricing" report, which revealed some much needed positive news regarding student borrowing.
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Avoiding the financial-aid trap with grandparent 529s
Here are several strategies grandparents with 529 plans can utilize in order to contribute to their grandchildren's college fund without negatively impacting their financial aid eligibility.
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Curing financial-aid dependence
Saving for college early may mean the ability to afford the school that's best for your child -- whether or not it's the college that offers the best financial aid package.
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