Virginia 529 College Savings Plans

Virginia operates a multi-manager, direct-sold 529 college savings program (Invest529) and an advisor-sold 529 plan (CollegeAmerica) utilizing American Funds. Both Virginia 529 plans are available to residents of any state. Virginia also offers a prepaid tuition program (Prepaid529) open only to Virginia residents.

More about each Virginia 529 plan is available in the following links.

Virginia 529 Tax Benefit
  • Tax deduction for single filers$4,000/yr
  • Tax deduction for joint filers$4,000/yr

Consumer Plans


Invest529, Virginia's direct-sold college savings plan is available to residents of any state, and offers low fees, diverse investment options and tax benefits for residents.

  • Resident Rating
  • Non-Resident Rating


Virginia's Prepaid529 offers a variety of tuition packages to Virginia families.

  • Resident Rating
  • Non-Resident Rating

Advisor Sold Plans


Virginia's CollegeAmerica is an advisor-sold 529 plan that makes available a line-up target date fund portfolios, multi-fund portfolios, individual fund portfolios from American Funds through Class 529-A, 529-C, 529-E and 529-F-1 shares.

  • Resident Rating
  • Non-Resident Rating

ABLE plans


The ABLEnow Program allows eligible individuals to save for qualified disability expenses on a tax-advantaged basis without jeopardizing eligibility for federal means-tested benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.


American Funds offers ABLEAmerica, the first ABLE plan available through financial advisors for individuals with disabilities and their families.

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