Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Plans

Pennsylvania’s 529 Investment Plan is managed by the Pennsylvania Treasury Department with recordkeeping and investment services provided by Ascensus College Savings and The Vanguard Group respectively. The program features 3 age-based investment options and static investment options, including a socially responsible equity portfolio, using Vanguard-managed portfolios. The Guaranteed Savings Plan, available only to Pennsylvania residents, functions as a unit-type prepaid tuition plan and provides protection against increasing tuition costs in various institutional categories.

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Pennsylvania 529 Tax Benefit

Consumer Plans

Pennsylvania's 529 Investment Plan is available to residents of any state, and offers 26 Vanguard investment options, including a socially responsible equity portfolio. Pennsylvania residents may enjoy a state tax deduction for contributions to the plan....


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In the Pennsylvania 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan, Pennsylvania residents acquire units that increase in value over time to track average tuition increases in one of several school categories as selected by the participant. The ability to switch categories retroactively makes this a flexible option to lock in tuition no matter which particular college the beneficiary attends. Accounts can be linked to the Upromise rewards service....

Prepaid Planx

ABLE plans

The Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program is offered through the National ABLE Alliance. The program is a tax-advantaged savings program offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist individuals with disabilities and their families in saving for disability-related expenses without jeopardizing their government benefits....