Kentucky 529 College Savings Plans

Kentucky's 529 plan (KESPT), managed by TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc., features an age-based option, four static options, and a guaranteed option. Kentucky’s 529 prepaid program (KAPT) was closed to new enrollments at the end of 2004.

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Kentucky 529 Tax Benefit
  • Tax deduction for single filersNone
  • Tax deduction for joint filersNone

Consumer Plans

Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust

The Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust is similar to other TIAA-managed 529 savings programs. The Plan features an age-based option, two 100% equity options, a balanced option, a fixed income option, and a guaranteed option.

  • Resident Rating
  • Non-Resident Rating

Kentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition (KAPT)

Kentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition (KAPT) plan was closed to new enrollments in 2004. Participants could choose one of three KAPT packages: Value, Standard, or Premium. The first two are designed to lock in tuition at Kentucky public institutions, while the Premium plan is geared toward private college tuition rates. Kentucky also offers the Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust, a direct-sold 529 savings plan....

  • Resident Rating
  • Non-Resident Rating

ABLE plans

STABLE Kentucky

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has partnered with the State of Ohio to create STABLE Kentucky, a program that offers the STABLE Account Plan to eligible Kentucky residents for lower annual investment fees than would otherwise be available.

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