Colorado 529 College Savings Plans

Colorado offers three direct-sold 529 college savings plans and one advisor-sold 529 program. The largest direct-sold Colorado 529 plan is the Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan, managed by Ascensus College Savings, which utilizes Vanguard mutual funds. The Stable Value Plus College Savings Program offers a stable-value investment through Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, and the Smart Choice College Savings Plan offers two FDIC-insured options through FirstBank. The Scholars Choice College Savings Program is managed by Legg Mason and is sold through financial advisors. Colorado’s prepaid 529 program, the Prepaid Tuition Fund, closed and liquidated all assets in November 2013.

Each Colorado 529 plan has more information available in the links below.

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Consumer Plans

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Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan

The team of Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, Inc. and The Vanguard Group manages the Colorado Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan. It features age-based and static portfolio options utilizing Vanguard mutual funds. Accounts can be linked to the Upromise rewards service....

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Stable Value Plus College Savings Program

The CollegeInvest Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan was created to protect principal and guarantee a minimum annual rate of return under a funding agreement with Nationwide.

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Smart Choice College Savings Plan

Colorado's Smart Choice College Savings Plan offers two FDIC-insured options through FirstBank: a one-year time savings account and a money market savings account.

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Advisor Sold Plans

Scholars Choice College Savings Program

The Colorado Scholars Choice College Savings Program, a Legg Mason-managed 529 savings program is sold exclusively through advisors. It features a lineup of age-based, static multi-fund, and individual fund portfolio options utilizing funds managed by Legg Mason affiliates as well as non-proprietary Thornburg Investment Management and Franklin Templeton Investments....

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ABLE plans

Colorado ABLE

The Colorado ABLE Program is offered through the National ABLE Alliance. The program is established under the state's ABLE legislation and Section 529A and implemented by CollegeInvest, a not-for-profit division within the Colorado Department of Higher Education. It allows an account owner to save for qualified disability expenses without disqualification from federal benefits....

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