Monetta Funds signs up with SAGE Scholars

Monetta Funds has joined SAGE’s investment platform to offer Tuition Rewards™ to all current and future Monetta investors.Monetta is the third fund family to be part of SAGE’s investment platform, joining the North Track Funds and Harris Insight Funds.

SAGE’s Tuition Rewards program offers investors the ability to earn scholarships at member schools of up to one full year’s tuition.The scholarships, called Tuition Rewards, are earned annually and are equal to 5% of the value of a member’s eligible assets.For example, an investor with $20,000 in Monetta Funds will earn, annually, a Tuition Reward of $1,000.Tuition Rewards are given by member schools as part of their normal financial aid and scholarship offers.

There are currently 165 participating private colleges and universities from 31 states, and 64,000 enrolled students in SAGE.
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