Goldman Sachs Asset Management Launches New Goldman Sachs 529 Plan

The Goldman Sachs 529 Plan will be available through financial professionals. The Plan offers an array of investment portfolios drawing on the expertise of investment teams with a long history of designing and managing portfolio solutions for clients globally.
The Plan offers a diversified range of investment options designed to meet a wide variety of investment goals and education savings needs, including:

Year of Enrollment Portfolios designed to correspond with the expected year of college enrollment. Each Year of Enrollment Portfolio is managed to a pre-determined glide path, and the asset allocation adjusts automatically over time.
Target Risk Portfolios that provide the opportunity to invest based on risk tolerance and investment goals. The risk profile of each Target Risk Portfolio will remain consistent and fixed over time.
Individual Portfolios providing a range of asset classes for choice and diversification. Investments include stock funds, bond funds or a stable value fund.
The Goldman Sachs 529 Plan is designed to make saving easy and includes benefits such as competitive fees and investment minimums, as well as the ability to manage accounts efficiently through expanded online account functionality.

As Arizona’s tax-advantaged college and educational savings program, AZ529, Arizona’s Education Savings Plan, has helped families accumulate more than $1.8 billion for educational expenses over the last 20 years. It allows participants to start saving for a variety of future educational needs, including K-12 education, apprenticeship programs, trade schools, community and four-year colleges and graduate programs. Investors can work with their financial professionals to access Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s capabilities and resources in the AZ529, Advisor Plan.

Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee and the Arizona State Board of Investment (BOI) unanimously approved the contract. The BOI approved an initial 5-year agreement with a 2-year extension upon mutual agreement.
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