Arizona (AZ) 529 College Savings Plans

Arizona offers two direct-sold 529 college savings plans, one managed by College Savings Bank offering FDIC-insured options, and another managed by Fidelity Investments featuring its mutual funds along with a bank savings option. A third Arizona 529 plan, managed by Waddell & Reed, is advisor-sold.

More details for each Arizona 529 plan can be found by clicking on the links below.

Consumer Plans

Arizona Family College Savings Program

Four FDIC-insured options are offered in the Arizona Family College Savings Program -- CollegeSure 529 Plan: (1) the CollegeSure CD with a variable interest rate pegged to a private-college tuition index, (2) the InvestorSure CD with an interest ...


Fidelity Arizona College Savings Plan

The Fidelity Arizona College Savings Plan is a Fidelity-managed 529 plan follows the same approach as other Fidelity plans in Delaware, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It features three age-based options; one using Fidelity mutual funds; one using ...


Advisor Sold Plans

Ivy Funds InvestEd Plan

The Arizona Ivy Funds InvestEd Plan is an advisor-sold 529 savings program that features three fund-of-fund mutual funds from Waddell & Reed, available as either static investment options or as part of an age-based strategy, plus 16 individual-fund ...

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