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Child wispering in grandmothers ear

Looking to contribute to your grandchild's college fund? You've come to the right place.

According to a 2014 survey released by Fidelity, 72 percent of grandparents feel that it is important to help pay for their grandchildren's college education. This page is dedicated to helping those grandparents understand the unique benefits of 529 college savings plans and the best ways to give their grandchildren a chance for success.

Grandparents' Common Concerns

Featured Articles for Grandparents

5 year end tax tips for college savers
Here are some tips for parents and grandparents saving for college that will help maximize any tax benefits.
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Eight reasons why grandparents love 529 plans
If you’re a grandparent there are a variety of different ways you can help pay for college. Here are eight reasons why we think saving with a 529 plan could be your best bet.
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10 easy ways grandparents can help pay for college
One way grandparents can help their grandchildren on their journey to becoming successful adults is to help fund their college education. Here are ten ways to do this, and the risks and benefits of each.
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529 Day Webcast Recap
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