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Since 1999, has been a trusted source of unbiased information on college savings plans, financial aid and other ways to pay for higher education.

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07/15/16 - Is the T. Rowe Price 529 plan the way to fund your kid's education? , Matthew Frankel, The Motley Fool

07/04/16 - How you can avoid college debt: A basic guide, John Wasik, CBS Money Watch

06/30/16 - 529 plan update: Changes made allows university students to save more, Sarene Mae Butao, University Herald

06/27/16 - How to transfer money between 529 college savings accounts, Kimberly Lankford, Kiplinger

05/24/16 - Michelle Singletary: A 529 helps ease the stress of sending your child to college, Michelle Singletary, Ventura County Star

Press Releases

08/24/17 - publishes new study on 529 plans offering FDIC-insured investment options

05/11/16 - Survey Suggests Growing Awareness of 529 Plans

03/28/16 - Hires Brian Boswell as Vice President, Research and Development

03/01/16 - Ranks California's ScholarShare as a Top Performing 529 Plan

01/12/16 - Awards Top Ratings to 18 College Savings Plans

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