College cost calculators & 529 tools

In this section are calculators and ranking tools that will help you work out how much to save, rate a 529 Plan and know if your college is covered under 529 rules.


World's Simplest College Calculator

The simplest way to estimate college costs.

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Financial Aid Calculator

The simplest way to estimate your child's financial-aid eligibility

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529 Savings vs. Loans Calculator

Find out how much less you will need to save to meet the cost of a college education if you start making monthly contributions to a 529 plan today instead of making monthly loan payments later.

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We offer calculators and tools for use on your website.

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Compare savings options

Apples to apples

Use our comparison tool to compare 529 plans against other savings options.

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Find 529 plans in your state

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You can also search by type, name, program manager, or investment manager.

Enroll directly in a 529 plan

See a complete list of 529 plans that you can enroll in directly.

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Find a professional advisor

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If you want expert advice on which 529 Plan is right for you. Search our directory to find an 529 professional near you.

State Tax 529 Calculator

Easily and accurately determine how much each state's own 529 tax benefits are worth, in both gross dollars and in annualized return equivalent.

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Find the top 10 plans

Top 10

Performance rankings for the top 10 plans investors can enroll in directly.

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5-Cap Ratings

We provide overall ratings of how effective a plan is for both in-state investors and out of state investors.

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View the cheapest plans

Our fee study compares the lowest and highest 10-year expense totals for all direct-sold 529 savings plans.

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Learning center

Find eligible institutions

529 plans can be used to pay expenses from eligible institutions. If your institution is not eligible the tax benefits may be lost! Check to see if your college is eligible under 529 plan rules.

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