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Advertise delivers thousands of ad views per month to its select advertising partners. Advertising partnership opportunities are limited and fill up quickly.

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Our Audience delivers to an audience of both consumers and financial experts that are educated, financially savvy and self-directed. Our audience members are receptive to your offers because they are in the process of making major financial decisions including researching ways to save and pay for college, by comparing and learning about section 529 saving plans and other financial topics related to college financing.

Facts about visitors

  • Parent Type
    • 42% Father
    • 40% Mother
    • 7% Grandfather
    • 5% Grandmother
  • Children Age
    • 25% 2 years and under
    • 42% 4 years and under
    • 59% 8 years and under
  • Annual Income
    • 18% $75,000 - 100,000
    • 24% $100,000 - 150,000
    • 12% $150,000 - 250,000
    • 4% $250,000 or More

Our display oppportunities

  • Web site banner and text advertising
    • Run of site top banner (728x90)
    • Run of site side banner (160x600)
    • Run of site bottom banner (728x90)
    • Transitional Banners (720x480)
    • Section tiles (300x350)
    • Run of site embedded text links
    • Enroll Now - Lead Generation Program
    • Run of site mobile leaderboard (320x50)
    • Run of site mobile tile (300x250)
  • Opt-in email
    • Consumer E-mail Banner (300x250)
    • Professional E-mail Banner (200x200, 200x100, 560x90)
  • Speaking engagements and webinars with Joseph Hurley or Chris Stack
  • Publication branding (custom covers) - The Best Way to Save for College or's Family Guide to College Savings
  • License Content, 529 tools and calculators
  • Appearance Sponsorship
  • Custom Survey's

For more information, please contact:
Marie Osypian in our Advertising Department
Ph: 800.400.9113
Fx: 585.286.5426 x112


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