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Considering a 529 plan? Should you use an advisor, or do it yourself?

You can enroll in a 529 plan directly or through a financial advisor. There are benefits and costs associated with both approaches and you should be aware of these as you research which plan is right for you! Learn more...


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How much is your state's 529 plan tax deduction really worth?
In addition to federal benefits, many states offer full or partial state tax deductions for contributions to a 529 plan. This map helps you get a better idea of how much your state's tax benefit may be worth.
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Top ten direct-sold 529 plans*
The highly-anticipated 529 plan rankings are here! This slideshow features our most recent top ten list of direct-sold 529 plans for one-year investment performance. *One-year performance rankings as of 12/31/14
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The Penny Hoarder talks about saving and paying for college
Kyle Taylor, founder of The Penny Hoarder blog, shares some tips for parents, college students, and recent grads on ways to earn, save, and grow money.
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Making the most of the college visit
When considering a college to attend, one factor that students cannot get from the facts, pictures or stories is how they will feel once they are on campus. Here are some tips on how to make the most of a college visit.
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2014 plan performance rankings Q4's Q4 529 performance rankings analyze one, three, five, and ten year investment performance as of December 31, 2014 and rank 529 savings plans from best to worst.
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2014 one-year top performing direct plans Q4 ranks the one-year investment performance of direct-sold 529 plans as of December 31, 2014.
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