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8 things to know going into your freshman year of college
It's important to maintain perspective as you enter college and the transition to adulthood. These tips from Ivy Advisors will help ease your anxiety and prepare you for your freshman year.
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529 ABLE accounts: Your questions answered
Advice on helping families meet the financial challenges associated with living with a disability, and how to maximize the benefits of 529 ABLE accounts.
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Think twice before sending clients to a direct-sold 529 plan
Financial advisors are increasingly viewed by clients as their guide to achieving their college savings goals. Financial advisors, however, are challenged by the paperwork-intensive, and – sometimes – low asset size of 529 plans. To make their lives easier, some advisors have found it simpler to forego the commissions on the asset base of 529 plans and refer their client to a direct-sold plan. However, this can be outright dangerous for both the advisor and client: Here’s why.
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Cosigners are helping borrowers get better rates on student loans
For students taking out private loans to cover college funding gaps, having a cosigner not only improves the odds of being approved for a loan, but can help borrowers obtain a better interest rate, an analysis of Credible user data shows.
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