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[PODCAST] How to give a gift of college savings
Happy holidays! In this new podcast, Joe Hurley and Kathryn Flynn discuss why a contribution to a 529 plan can be a more meaningful gift for a child than a toy or cash.
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529 plans: Underappreciated Benefits Part I
When Congress in 2001 transformed 529 plans from being tax-deferred vehicles into being tax-free vehicles, I'm not sure they contemplated an environment in which investment returns might regularly outpace increases in college costs.
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5 ways to get money for college this holiday season
Instead of receiving more trucks or dolls to add to your already overflowing toy chest, why not consider asking your loved ones to contribute to your child's college fund this year? View this slideshow to learn more about some of the creative 529 gifting programs available to help you do just that.
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Making the right year-end moves
December 31 is fast approaching. If you haven't yet completed your year-end 529 housekeeping, now is the time to do it. This checklist should help:
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College: The Ultimate Gift Idea This Holiday Season
Grandparents Can Help Fill the College Savings Void
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Introducing the NEW College Savings Planner on!
It's time to change the way you think about college savings. Meet the College Savings Planner, an innovative tool that allows you to design a customized savings strategy to help you meet your specific goals. Try it out!
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