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Considering a 529 plan? Should you use an advisor, or do it yourself?

You can enroll in a 529 plan directly or through a financial advisor. There are benefits and costs associated with both approaches and you should be aware of these as you research which plan is right for you! Learn more...


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Wondering just to how go about opening a 529 plan? You're not alone! According to our 2nd annual Annual College Savings Survey, 86 percent of those who intend to open a 529 plan don't know the steps involved. Don't worry - we're here to help!
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How to get socially responsible with 529 plans
Happy Earth Day! Did you know that you can help preserve the environment by saving for college? Here are four investment managers that offer Socially Responsible Investment options through 529 college savings plans.
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Are U.S. Savings Bonds still an effective way to save for college?
Way back before smart phones, Netflix and Facebook, many families were using savings bonds as a way to set aside money for college. If you're still holding on to your bonds - is it time for an upgrade?
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Ask an Expert: How can I move my funds from one 529 plan to another without incurring taxes?
There are many reasons for considering a change in 529 plans. Marguerita Cheng of Blue Ocean Global Wealth explains how to transfer funds from one 529 plan to another without incurring tax consequences.
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We recently had the opportunity to share our advice on funding higher education with in their Expert Interview series. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, read though this interview to learn some great tips on the best ways to pay for college.
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Six must-know 529 plan rules
Even with all of the recent publicity surrounding 529 plans, many families are still confused about how they operate. Click through this slideshow to view the biggest misconceptions according to this year's Annual College Savings Survey.
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