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Considering a 529 plan? Should you use an advisor, or do it yourself?

You can enroll in a 529 plan directly or through a financial advisor. There are benefits and costs associated with both approaches and you should be aware of these as you research which plan is right for you! Learn more...


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Avoid these 529 withdrawal traps
Once you've entered the "withdrawal phase," of your 529 plan, be sure you make the right decisions when tapping your 529 account. Here are six mistakes you'll want to avoid.
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Finding the lowest-cost 529 savings plans's semi-annual 529 Fee Study compares the lowest and highest 10-year expense totals for all direct-sold 529 savings plans. The purpose of our study is to give you an easy way to view and compare these cost estimates.
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Benefits of 529 plans - How to Save for College HQ PODCAST
In this "How to Save for College HQ" Podcast, Celest Horton and Kathryn Flynn discuss the benefits of 529 plans and the importance of starting to save as soon as possible.
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College Savings Timeline: Time for college
All the hard work you've put into building up your child's college savings account has paid off, and now it's time for them to head off to college. What steps do you need to take to make a 529 plan withdrawal when the first tuition bill arrives?
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VIDEO - What happens to my 529 plan money if my child gets a scholarship?
Parents are sometimes hesitant to open a 529 account for their child because they are afraid of incurring penalties on any unused funds. However, there are some exceptions to the to the penalty rule:
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10 rules for superfunding a 529 plan
This article describes how to make a large contributions to a 529 plan under the special 5-year gift-tax election.
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