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You can enroll in a 529 plan directly or through a financial advisor. There are benefits and costs associated with both approaches and you should be aware of these as you research which plan is right for you! Learn more...


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A top college savings resource for grandparents
There are a number of different ways for grandparents to help save for college, yet for many the process can seem overwhelming. Here's an overview of the college savings resources we have available to help grandparents ensure their grandchildren have the best chance for success.
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[INFOGRAPHIC] College Savings Timeline
Our newest "College Savings Timeline" Infographic focuses on what you can do during various stages of life to ensure an easy transition to college that won’t leave your child or grandchild burdened with excessive debt.
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For many college hopefuls, grandparents coming to the rescue
Parents strategizing to cover the cost of college may not have to look very far for an additional helping hand. One group of advocates is stepping up to help save for college and providing significant support: grandparents.
Read More's 529 Plan Fee Study
While fees associated with direct-sold 529 college savings plans have come down significantly in the last few years, they still need to be taken into consideration. To help you do this this we have just updated our semi-annual fee study.
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A tax strategy that will surprise you
This article explains a scholarship tax strategy you may not have thought about.
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Six calculators to help you save for college
We are constantly striving to come up with new and improved tools that will help you answer some of your toughest college savings questions. See how these six calculators can assist you with your budgeting and planning decisions:
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