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You can enroll in a 529 plan directly or through a financial advisor. There are benefits and costs associated with both approaches and you should be aware of these as you research which plan is right for you! Learn more...


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What you need to know about President Obama's 529 tax proposal
In light of President Obama's recent proposal to eliminate the federal tax benefits of 529 plans, here are the facts on the proposal as it currently stands, as well as some ideas on how you can take action against it.
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The President's backdoor plan to increase 529 savings
Reaction to President Obama's proposal to impose tax on qualified distributions from 529 savings accounts.
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10 reasons why president obama's proposal to reduce 529 benefits will NOT be enacted
President Obama's proposal to streamline education tax incentives calls for a rollback of the tax-free qualified withdrawals from 529 education savings plans that were enacted in 2001. Here are ten reasons why it's most likely that this proposal will not be enacted into law.
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5 ways to avoid student loans
If you want your teenager to go to college without taking student loans, itís important that you make a plan right now to prepare for that. Rachel Cruze explains a few ideas for how to get started.
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What would you do with free community college?
In case you haven't heard, President Obama recently announced a plan that would allow some students to attend two years of community college for free. Here are five ways families could take advantage of the potential savings of this plan, should it come to fruition.
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Which is best: 529 college savings plan or Roth IRA?
When it comes to choosing the best way to save for college, many people turn to tax-advantaged investment vehicles like Roth IRAs and 529 college savings plans. If you're on the fence about which savings vehicle to use, take a look at this breakdown of how each one works.
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