Joseph Hurley

Joe Hurley launched in 1999 while working as a tax CPA in Rochester, New York. He wrote and self-published the book "The Best Way to Save for College--A Complete Guide to 529 Plans", now in its eleventh edition with over 100,000 copies sold. Through the years Joe and his wife Ginny opened accounts with 529 plans in 34 states for their two children, both of whom are now graduated from college. (The reason for so many different accounts was to facilitate research of 529 plans.) Joe now spends his full-time at Kettle Ridge Farm (maple syrup, honey, and shiitake mushrooms), though you may still see him occasionally at


FAQ on 529 investment changes

The IRS permits only two investment changes within a beneficiary's 529 account in any calendar year. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions regarding this limitation.


The January Question

Can we reimburse ourselves out of our child's 529 plan without be subject to taxes or penalty?


Oops, I withdrew too much 529 money!

There are many situations where an account owner can accidentally withdraw too much money. Hereís what you can do


A Tale of Two 529 Mistakes

What to do when a client takes a distribution when they didnít mean to, or forgot to file the 5-year election


A tax strategy that will surprise you

This article explains a scholarship tax strategy you may not have thought about.

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