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Industry chatter: A look ahead at 2017
This was the year of the Fiduciary Rule, roboadvisors, and money markets. What will be the big topics among 529 plans in the year ahead?
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How to calculate your state tax benefit
You can plug the numbers into our State Tax Calculator, but how do we arrive at those numbers? Here we dig into the weeds.
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Are 529 plans REALLY tax-free?
Sometimes, even professionals can be fooled by complex tax code language. In fact, some of it reads like 529s might not actually be tax-free!
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Save it forward: States that allow you to carry benefits into future tax years
There are a few states that allow account owners to make a large contribution and claim their tax benefit in future years.
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The January Question
Can we reimburse ourselves out of our child's 529 plan without be subject to taxes or penalty?
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Does a financial advisor deserve their 529 commission?
One of the most common questions from advisors is, "How can I justify my fee?" But it shouldn't be a question at all.
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What does the future hold for prepaid 529 plans?
Virginia529 prePAID may consider changing its structure to limit new participants to in-state schools. So are prepaid plans still viable?
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