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You may access the content and tools shown here if you have a premium service membership obtained through individual purchase or firmwide membership agreement. Once logged in as a premium service, you also receive more extensive details when you view the individual 529 Plan Pages or use the 529 Plan Comparison Tool (under the 529 Plans menu).

Our web site at has plenty of free information about direct-sold 529 plans and other college savings vehicles, but youll get much more with the Premium Service. The service includes over 50 data points covering every direct-sold and adviser-sold 529 plan; a 529 plan comparison tool, investment performance rankings, and more. Get the facts, and all the facts, at a very low price with the Premium Service.

This calculator analyzes the accumulation benefits, estate tax savings, and gift-tax consequences of making large contributions to a 529 plan under a 5-year election.

Articles for the 529 professional.'s exclusive 529 performance rankings show best-to-worst performance results, updated quarterly. We include both direct-sold and broker-sold 529 plans. You may view a 529 plan's ranking within a particular asset-allocation category (e.g. 100% equity) or on an overall "composite" basis. (Premium Service members only.)

The Portfolio Fee & Performance Lookup provides you with access to the fee and performance details of any 529 plan investment option (more than 3,500 available). You may easily plug the expense figures into the FINRA 529 Expense Analyzer. (Beta service for Premium Service members only.)

Join our Quarterly webinars for Premium Subscribers, where founder discusses recent trends in the 529 industry, our most-recent quarterly 529 performance rankings, site navigation tips and use of calculators and tools, and any questions you may have on financial aid or other topics.

Included with an annual premium subscription, these courses are designed to help financial professionals meet the needs of clients who are saving for college. Each 1-hour course can be completed entirely online, and is counted towards the 30-credit hour continuing education requirement for CFP professionals.

Links to important documents, developments, and government/private resources concerning higher education and college savings. (Premium Service members only.)

529 planning strategies, articles, and materials for prospects and clients. (Premium Service members only.)

Information and filled-out examples relating to the gift and generation-skipping tax reporting requirements associated with contributions made to 529 plans.(Premium service members only.)

Information and worksheets relating the federal income tax reporting of distributions from 529 plans.(Premium service members only.)

Archive of past issues of our bi-weekly newsletter for professionals. (Premium Service members only.)

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