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All Types of 529 Plans

Savings Plans (what's this?)

Direct Sold Savings Programs

Compare only 529 plans where investors purchase directly from the plan manager. You will have to rely on your own research to identify your best options, or you can hire a fee-based financial planner. These plans are approved and monitored by each state and are managed by professional investment firms. There are no sales charges with these plans.

Broker Sold Savings Programs

Compare only 529 plans sold through financial advisers. Using an adviser means you get the benefit of advice and expertise of an investment professional, but may mean you pay sales charges or incur other fees that are used to compensate the adviser.

Prepaid Plans (what's this?)

Prepaid Contract

Compare 529 plans that allow you to purchase a contract covering from 1 to 5 years of tuition either on a lump sum or installment basis.

Prepaid Unit/Guaranteed Savings

Compare 529 plans that allow you to buy 'units' of tuition which may equate to credits or hours.

Help: What is the difference between a Savings Plan and a Prepaid Plan

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