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College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Program reduces prices

(October 17, 2014) - Contract prices for the Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Program will open this year with reduced pricing. All program options will be lowered and will be more aligned with the age of the child when the contract is purchased.

New York 529 College Savings Program lowers fees

(October 3, 2014) - The direct-sold New York 529 College Savings Program has announced a reduction in management fees, the fourth since 2009. Fees have been reduced from 0.17% to 0.16%.

College Savings Iowa lowers fees

(October 2, 2014) - The Iowa state treasurer has announced that the College Savings Iowa 529 program is lowering the asset-based fees of its portfolios, effective October 15, 2014. The fees will be reduced from 0.28% to 0.26%. This is the sixth reduction in the last ten years for the program.

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