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Rhode Island's CollegeBound Fund offers new age-based investment option

(March 24, 2014) - AllianceBernstein has recently added a new, passively-managed investment option to its advisor-sold CollegeBoundFund 529 plan. Available as of March 24, 2014, the option is an age-based investment that tracks Morningstar's College Savings Moderate Index.

Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program to re-open enrollment

(March 24, 2014) - The Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program, which has been closed to new enrollees since the fall of 2012, will re-open this fall after a unanimous vote by the board. The program was originally closed due to concerns about a funding shortfall.

Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan Lowers Fees

(January 30, 2014) - As a result of total assets in the Vermont Higher Education Plan reaching $225 million, the plan has announced that it will lower the total annual asset-based fee for all of its options. The fee is lowered by five basis points.

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