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Lower fees and more investment options for New Mexico's Scholar's Edge

(November 16, 2017) - Effective November 17, 2017, Scholar's Edge will be adding six new investment options, in an effort to improve diversification. The advisor-sold plan will also reduce the Board Administrative fee for all accounts, and discontinue the refund of the fee to existing New Mexico residents.

New Mexico to reduce fees and add lower cost investment options to the Education Plan

(November 16, 2017) - Effective November 17, 2017, the plan will reduce its management and administrative fees, and eliminate the annual maintenance fee. Additionally, some investment options will be replaced with lower-cost Vanguard Funds.

Washington's GET College Savings Plan Set to Reopen on November 1st

(October 24, 2017) - Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) plan will reopen on November 1st after being closed to new investments for nearly two years. The state suspended new unit sales in 2015 in response to the College Affordability Act, which lowered tuition at Washington's public higher education institutions.

The prepaid tuition plan will return to its regular enrollment period schedule, November 1 through May 31, and the unit purchase price, equal to 1/100th of the state's highest priced university, has been set at $113 for 2017-18. Existing accounts have been "rebased" with the addition of new units to ensure these accounts do not lose value.

GET is administered by the Washington Student Achievement Council with oversight from the GET Committee, which meets quarterly to review policies, pricing and investments. The Washington State Investment Board manages the GET fund.

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