Which approach would best encourage more Americans to save for college with 529 plans?

More support from federal government, such as upfront tax deductions or seed funding of accounts. 41% (64 votes)
More support from the states, such as matching contributions or fee subsidies. 18% (29 votes)
Requiring that any state offering a state tax deduction allow it for contributions to out-of-state 529 plans. 13% (21 votes)
Requiring states to have at least one 529 plan using only index funds. 4% (6 votes)
Targeting and facilitating more 529 contributions from family, friends, and philanthropists. 6% (10 votes)
Industry-funded media campaign ala "Got Milk", perhaps using a celebrity. 13% (21 votes)
Other or don't know or don't care. 4% (6 votes)

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