U.S. Colleges with Free Tuition

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Kristen Kuchar

By Kristen Kuchar

November 5, 2019

These U.S. colleges offer free tuition for students. That means graduating with less college debt. With the average amount of student loan debt at graduation at $29,900, free college sounds pretty fantastic about now. 

Keep in mind, these colleges often have stipulations and restrictions on qualifying for free college tuition, and free tuition doesn’t mean it won’t cost anything. The cost of attendance still includes room and board, textbooks, supplies, transportation and other everyday expenses. (And don’t forget about those hidden college costs, too.)

If these free colleges don’t work for you, there are also online colleges with free tuition and countries with free public tuition, too.

U.S. colleges with free tuition for all students

Free tuition sounds amazing, but keep in mind that some the colleges in this list have non-tuition costs in excess of $10,000 or even $20,000. Free tuition does not mean free college. It doesn’t even necessarily mean debt-free college.



U.S. colleges with free tuition for some students

What To Do Now: 


If these colleges weren’t a great fit, not to worry. Learn how to find scholarships since more than $6 billion in scholarship money is awarded annually. 


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