How to Make FAFSA Corrections

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By Mark Kantrowitz

September 29, 2020

There are four types of changes that may be made to data on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These include corrections, updates, adjustments and overrides. How to make these changes to the FAFSA depends on the type of change.

Types of Changes on the FAFSA

The four types of changes on the FAFSA differ based on the type of information that has changed and when or why the information changed.

Type of Change What Changed? When Can It Change? How Can It Change?
Correction Any data element on the FAFSA If the data element was inaccurate as of date the FAFSA was filed, it can be corrected at any time Must be changed to be accurate as of the date the FAFSA was filed
Update Household size and number in college  Household size and number in college may be changed only if the FAFSA is selected for verification Must be correct as of the date of verification
Update Dependency status Dependency status may be updated at any time Updates to dependency status are mandatory, except when due to a change in the student’s marital status
Adjustment Any data element on the FAFSA or the college’s cost of attendance Documented Special Circumstances Subject to discretion of the college financial aid administrator after a case-by-case professional judgment review
Override Dependency status  Documented Unusual Circumstances From dependent to independent, subject to determination by the financial aid administrator

How to Make Changes to the FAFSA

The method of making a change to FAFSA information depends on the type of change.

  • Correction. Log in to the FAFSA web site and click on the “Make FAFSA Corrections” link on the My FAFSA page. Corrections may also be used to add colleges to the FAFSA and to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. 
  • Update. Contact the college financial aid administrator.
  • Adjustment. Contact the college financial aid administrator.
  • Override. Contact the college financial aid administrator.

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