Quarterly updates

Reviewing the results of's Quarterly 529 Performance Rankings. Discussing recent developments in 529 plans and college savings. Offering site navigation tips and use of calculators and tools. Answering your questions about financial aid or any other topic.


Date Topic Presenter Presentation Video
May 31, 2017 Socially-responsible investing Brian Boswell  
Mar 6, 2017 Grandparents and 529s Brian Boswell Presentation
Dec 6, 2016 Year-end considerations Brian Boswell Presentation
Sept 8, 2016 Qualified Higher Education Expenses Brian Boswell Presentation
Dec 3, 2015 529s in the work place Joseph Hurley,
Scott Mulvaney
Main Presentation
Guest Presentation
Aug 27, 2015 Education Savings Bonds (EE and I) Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Jun 11, 2015 529 Plans and the Financial Advisor Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Feb 28, 2014 Addressing 529 penalty fears Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Dec 4, 2014 529 plans and scholarships - How to coordinate Joseph Hurley Presentation
Aug 28, 2014 Superfunding Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
June 5, 2014 Combining Multiple College-Savings Strategies Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Feb 27, 2014 The 5-year gifting election Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Dec 4, 2013 Considerations in setting a college savings goal Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Aug 27, 2013 Saving income taxes with 529 plans: Case studies Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
May 21, 2013 529s and the Anti-Double-Dipping Rules Joseph Hurley Presentation Replay
Feb 26, 2013 Coverdell Education Savings Accounts Joseph Hurley Presentation
Aug 21, 2012 What are QHEE(qualified higher education expenses). Joseph Hurley Presentation
May 22, 2012 New 5-Cap Ratings Joseph Hurley Presentation
Nov 29, 2011 Year end moves with 529 plans Joseph Hurley Presentation
Aug 25, 2011 529 Withdrawal Strategies Joseph Hurley Presentation

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