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(Change) Kansas: Schwab 529 College Savings Plan


(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 0-4 (95% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 11-13 (60% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 14-15 (50% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 16-17 (40% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 18-19 (30% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 20+ (20% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 5-7 (80% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive (Index): Age 8-10 (70% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive Index Portfolio
(Select) Aggressive Portfolio
(Select) Aggressive: Age 0-4 (95% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 11-13 (60% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 14-15 (50% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 16-17 (40% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 18-19 (30% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 20+ (20% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 5-7 (80% Equity)
(Select) Aggressive: Age 8-10 (70% Equity)
(Select) Conservative Index Portfolio
(Select) Conservative Portfolio
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 0-4 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 11-13 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 14-15 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 16-17 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 18-19 (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 20+ (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 5-7 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderate (Index): Age 8-10 (50% Equity)
(Select) Moderate Index Portfolio
(Select) Moderate Portfolio
(Select) Moderate: Age 0-4 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 11-13 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 14-15 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 16-17 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 18-19 (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 20+ (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderate: Age 5-7 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderate: Age 8-10 (50% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 0-4 (80% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 11-13 (50% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 14-15 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 16-17 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 18-19 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 20+ (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 5-7 (70% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive (Index): Age 8-10 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive Index Portfolio
(Select) Moderately Aggressive Portfolio
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 0-4 (80% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 11-13 (50% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 14-15 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 16-17 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 18-19 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 20+ (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 5-7 (70% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Aggressive: Age 8-10 (60% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 0-4 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 11-13 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 14-15 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 16-17 (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 18-19 (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 20+ (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 5-7 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative (Index): Age 8-10 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative Index Portfolio
(Select) Moderately Conservative Portfolio
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 0-4 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 11-13 (30% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 14-15 (20% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 16-17 (10% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 18-19 (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 20+ (Short-Term)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 5-7 (40% Equity)
(Select) Moderately Conservative: Age 8-10 (40% Equity)
(Select) Money Market Portfolio
(Select) Short-Term (Index)
(Select) Short-Term Portfolio

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