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10 Things You Need to Know About College Net Price Calculators

by Lynn O'Shaughnessy
With a net price calculator, youll discover how much a college will cost your family once any merit scholarships or financial aid is subtracted from the cost of attendance.
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The complete guide to choosing a college major

by Lulu Curiel, Ivy Advisors
Once youve applied and been accepted into college, its time to select your major. A college admissions experts offers helpful tips for parents and students.
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It's never too late to start your college plan

by Brett Tushingham
Its never too late to start saving for your childs college education. Here are some tips for late stage planning strategies that wont jeopardize your retirement.
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Want to help your child get into college? Take a step back.

by Kathryn Flynn
When it comes to a student's college application process, new research suggests that too much parent involvement can end up doing more harm than good.
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Raising city kids? 8 states where you can save the most money

by Kathryn Flynn
If you want your kids to grow up in an urban environment and still have room for college savings in your budget, check out these 8 low-cost cities.
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A guide to finding your best SAT date

by Lulu Curiel
A college admissions expert offers helpful advice on how to select the best date to take the SAT exam, taking other important deadlines into account.
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