Top 10 Direct-Sold 529 Plans

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*3-year performance rankings as of 9/30/2019

The highly anticipated direct-sold 529 plan rankings are here!

529 plans are generally made up of mutual funds with varying investment options. Each quarter, after analyzing data from thousands of underlying investment portfolios, determines the overall top 10 direct-sold 529 plans 529 plans, based on historical performance. The following slideshow features our most recent top 10 list of the plans that can be purchased directly through the plan manager (without having to go through a financial advisor).

The "performance score" determines the ranking

The rankings shown in the slideshow are based on performance over the last 3 years, giving you a better idea of how the plans fared over time. Note that past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Remember that you can open a 529 plan from almost any state, regardless of where you live. Premium subscribers can view the full list of rankings that includes plans sold through brokers and fee-based financial planners.

1-year rankings

5-year rankings

10-year rankings