How to Sell Your Stuff to Help Pay Down Student Loans

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Kristen Kuchar

By Kristen Kuchar

December 11, 2019

Dealing with student loan debt can be overwhelming, especially if you’re struggling to make payments or just making the minimum payment every month. If you’ve made your budget and still don’t have money to put towards your debt, it’s time to find ways to make extra money. One way to get out of student loan debt faster is to sell your unwanted things for extra cash. 

Places Where You Can Sell a Wide Variety of Things

Amazon: You can sell pretty much anything on Amazon, including services such as house cleaning.

Bonanza: Sell clothes, outdoor gear, musical instruments and more. 

Craigslist: Craigslist categories range CDs and DVDs and clothes to furniture and toys and games. 

eBay: Receive payments via PayPal for anything sold on eBay. 

eBid: Sell everything from books and comics to sports memorabilia. 

Facebook Marketplace: Sell electronics, appliances, bikes, household gear and more. 

Letgo: Sell all your used items from sports gear and fashion to books and home décor. 

Nextdoor: Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood to stay in the loop. You can sell things here as well. 

OfferUp: Sell everything from electronic, furniture or even your car to your local community.

5miles: Sell a variety of items to people only within five miles of your location to save on shipping fees. 

Garage Sales

Consignment Shops

Where to Sell Electronics and Tech Gear

Gazelle: Sell your old cell phone, iPad, tablet or iPods. 

Decluttr: Sell cell phones, iPads and tablets, game consoles, DVDs, CDs, games, computers and more.

Second Spin: Second Spin buys your used DVDs, CDs and Blue-Rays.  

Swappa: Besides cell phones and laptops, you can also sell your smart watches and tablets. 

Where to Sell Clothing and Accessories

Buffalo Exchange: This store is located in 19 states. Bring in your gently used adult clothes, and they’ll give you 30% of their selling price of 50% in store credit.  

Crossroads: There are 37 stores across the U.S, but you can also sell by mail. They are looking for on-trend, in-style items. 

Plato’s Closet: Bring in your gently used clothes (plus accessories and footwear) for adults, they’ll sift through it, and make you an offer for the items they’re interested in. Brands include Abercrombie and Fitch, Adidas, H&M, Forever 21, Steve Madden and Uggs. 

Poshmark: Sell men’s, women’s and children clothing plus handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelry online. 

Tradesy: Download the app to sell women’s clothing and accessories. You can also sell your bridesmaid dresses here.

Where to Sell Books and Textbooks Type in the ISBN to get a quote and ship the books for free using a prepaid label. 

Chegg: Get a quote on your used textbooks, and ship to Chegg for free. Shipping is always free. Get paid via PayPal, check, direct deposit or in-store credit. 

Where to Sell Children’s Items

Kidizen: Kidizen allows you to sell used children’s clothing. You can either start listing your items yourself or work with one of their team members. 

Once Upon a Child: Sell clothing, baby gear, toys, books, games, cribs, furniture and shelves.

Where to Sell Things You Make 

Etsy: Etsy allows you to sell your handmade items, including jewelry, clothes, art, candles and many more categories. 

Shopify: Create your own online store, and market to on Facebook and Google (for a fee). 

Local spots: For crafts and other items you make yourself, search for local craft fairs at schools, community centers and a farmer’s markets. 

Shutterstock: You can sell your high-quality photos on Shutterstock and get paid every time someone downloads it. 

Where to Sell Your Car

AutoNation: Get a cash offer good for seven days or 500 miles.

Autotrader: Opt to sell the car yourself or sell to the dealer.

CarMax: Find out instantly if CarMax will make you an offer for your car. 

Tips for Selling Stuff for Extra Money

Keep it public. Many local police stations have designated areas for this type of thing. Other options include bank or supermarket parking lots that have video cameras. 

Bring another adult with you, and only meet during daylight hours. 

Only accept cash. Don’t accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, credit cards or anything else. 

Don’t give out any personal information. LetGo offers a chat area so you don’t have to give out your personal numbers. Craigslist masks e-mail addresses. 

Don’t meet at your home. Don’t meet a stranger at your home. For bigger items, such as a furniture, aim to sell it through your own personal networks (friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, any groups or organizations you’re involved in) then extending to social media (a friend of a friend type thing) so a least there is some familiarity. Always have at least one other person home with you. 

If you’re shipping items, use PayPal. Wait until the payment has cleared (this includes bank teller checks, which can be forged) or a service like for high-priced items.

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