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Five of the best college savings apps

Posted: 2014-05-09

by Kathryn Flynn

In todayís fast-paced world we have almost everything right at our fingertips, including our finances. Whether you pay bills on the go or deposit checks with your phone, Iím sure you can agree that mobile banking has made our lives easier. In addition to allowing you to track funds in a bank or investment account, there are also apps available that offer some fantastic planning tools. Here are five apps that help parents, students and grandparents plan for the future costs of college:

1. Big Start: Upromise Investments, Several 529 Plans

  • Cost: Free
  • Available on iTunes and Google Play
  • This app is a fun way to introduce your child to the concept of going to college and why you need to start saving early.
  • Interactive games teach children about money, explore career possibilities and demonstrate the effectiveness of saving over time.
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